How Installment Plans Can Help Veterinarians Treat More Patients

Pets are a welcome and beloved addition to the family. People form strong bonds with their canine and feline friends, and will do most anything to keep their dogs, cats and other animals as healthy and cared for as possible.

Sadly, animals have many of the same health problems we do. Illnesses like Canine Influenza affect our pets frequently, where new strains are being discovered every day. And unfortunately, cancer and life-threatening diseases are just as prevalent among animals as they are with humans. Yet, many families don’t have pet health insurance or the funds to treat their furry loved ones. More often than not, people must make the hard choice to put their pets to sleep rather than treating their illnesses, and even this option can be very expensive.

Great Payment Solution

To help alleviate this financial burden, Splitit USA Inc. has a payment solution that helps both pet owners and veteranarians alike.  With this technology, a medical practice is able to offer interest-free installment payments on exiting VISA and MasterCard credit cards to pet owners, without the hassle of applying for a new credit card or an additional line of credit.  Vets, hospitals and clinics can choose to receive their funds up front or on a monthly basis.  Either way, Splitit takes full responsibility for managing the payment plan so that you can focus on treating sick and injured patients.

Here’s as example: Justin’s new puppy accidently ingested some chocolate, household chemicals or poisons meant for mice and rats. Or he suffered from a bad fall, heatstroke or allergies that are making breathing and eating difficult. Justin’s parents were not expecting this sudden trip to the vet and have to make quick decisions based on the treatment necessary for a full recovery, and what they can afford. When given more options to make pet care more affordable, the stress of these types of situation are greatly reduced.

Installment plans can help vets save lives

As amazing as this sounds, this credit card payment solution can help vets save lives every day. Families without enough health insurance coverage for their pets now have an option to get the treatment that’s needed today, without worrying about paying for everything up front, and can enjoy the company of their companions even longer. Ultimately, what’s good for keeping patients healthy is also good for a healthy practice: offer your clientele flexible payment options and you’ll no doubt build a base of loyal customers who think of you first when it comes to their pets.

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