E-commerce Conversion Rate Boosters: Turn Traffic into Profit

As summer ends, the holiday season is looming, and shoppers will flock to online stores in massive numbers. Tune up your e-commerce store to improve conversions in preparation for the holiday rush with a combination of hard analytics and traditional sales tactics.

Make a Homepage They Won’t Want to Leave

Measuring key analytics with a sales context in mind is an excellent starting point for increasing conversions. Start with your home page, since this is the face of your business and often the first page customers visit. Try using search analytics to discover the search terms customers use on the home page. If the top terms are related to products that you aren’t featuring on your front page, make it easier for customers to find your top products to increase conversions.

The home page is the front door where customers enter your e-commerce store, but what exit doors are they taking to leave your website? Metrics that reveal where customers leave your site are essential for increasing conversions. Exiting the site is inevitable, but if you’re discovering that the highest exit rates occur on lead generation pages or product pages, try to improve conversion by shoring up those weak spots. A/B testing some new sales copy, new photos, or new offers in these vulnerable areas may create an upward trend in conversion rates over time.  

Checkout Experience is Key

Next, consider your checkout experience. No customer becomes a buyer without checking out, focus on making this a simple, clean experience that asks for a bare minimum of information. Widely available data also allows you to test the speed and efficiency of your checkout process. Speedy, clean checkout pages are vital for increasing conversions. Ask trusted users as well as your customers for feedback on the checkout experience.

Not all solutions are data-driven. Improving your engagement practices and using reciprocity tend to grow sales in any industry and on any platform.

Jump on the Social Media Bandwagon

Most online shoppers use social media to inform themselves before making a purchase decision, and you can expect many customers to check out your social media presence before buying. Use these platforms to engage with potential buyers on a consistent basis, which helps build trust and authenticity. Your social media presence should aim to give value in the form of tips and content to balance out your sales campaigns.

Give Your Customers Value

Giving value should go further than your social media presence. Elite sales trainers talk about the “rule of reciprocity” all the time. But what does this mean for e-commerce? Give your customers value. Useful content such as seasonal blog posts, buying guides, and simple how-to advice not only continues to build trust and authenticity with your current and future customers, but it also activates that “give, give, give” reflex. Customers who feel like they’ve received value for free are more likely to reciprocate in the form of sales when presented with a purchase decision or call to action.

Add Videos

Another engagement improvement method is to add product videos to your e-commerce website. Videos add value to the shopping experience and help your business stand out from competitors. Show off the product from all angles and allow the shopper to see it in action so they can visualize owning the product.

Everyone Loves Free Shipping

Finally, get real about your shipping costs. Don’t try to make an extra buck on shipping. Offer free shipping when you can and simplify the costs and options for consumers. Cart abandonment spikes when shipping costs are unexpectedly high. If your shipping is already priced appropriately, give your customers a “wow” experience by increasing the level of service at the same price. Promise same-day processing and promise to deliver a tracking number to decrease cart abandonment without adjusting the shipping cost.

Increasing conversion rates is a never-ending battle. Smart decision makers are always looking for creative ways to boost conversion, so add some of these strategies and tactics to your arsenal and start turning more traffic into profit.


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