5 Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Store

Summer is just around the corner and we all know what that means, seasonal shoppers flocking in droves to their favorite sites to find the latest deals and trends. For eCommerce merchants, these seasonal peaks often lead to spikes in shopping cart abandonment. Here are 5 tips to boost your eCommerce store so that customers will want to “line up” at your digital checkout this summer.

1. No Hidden Costs or Fees

There is nothing more irritating for a customer than getting to the final step of checking out only to realize a different price is being displayed. Whether your store charges for shipping or not, it is important to be very up front about all fees at the beginning of the shopping process. If a customer gets thrown an unexpected charge well into the shopping process, more often than not, it will have a negative impact on their shopping experience, often leading them to rethink the purchase entirely.

2. Quick and Easy Checkout

When shopping online, consumers expect a quick and convenient experience. The less information they need to provide, the better. So, it’s important to eliminate all non-critical fields. For example, leave out the ‘city’ field since a zip code provides the information required to send a purchase. Likewise, no need for someone to choose the type of credit card when it can be recognized from their credit card number alone. Additionally, make it easy for returning customers to have a ‘one-click checkout’. Minor changes like these can significantly improve the customer’s shopping experience.

3. Stay Up-to-Date on Payment Technologies

Consumers are adopting innovative payment technologies at an increasing rate – technologies covering the payments spectrum, such as contactless, installment and mobile payments. These technologies are now a virtual necessity at your checkout! All of the major eCommerce platforms – Magento, WooCommerce and others, offer payment plugins and extensions for most of the innovative payment technologies currently on the market, and it is definitely worth your while to take advantage of them.

4. Website Optimization for Mobile

According to a recent study released by Facebook, more than 60% of shoppers plan to start making purchases using mobile devices. It is more important than ever that your eCommerce site is optimized for mobile to prevent you from losing customers. If a shopper cannot experience an easy and smooth checkout process on their phone, they will probably avoid your online store when making future purchases.

5. Encourage Customer Reviews

No one is more convincing to a shopper who is thinking about making a purchase than another shopper. Allowing and encouraging customers to write reviews can play a significant role in boosting conversion rates for your site. Real people like to hear from their peers as opposed to product descriptions or advertisements. When shoppers write (positive) reviews, they are essentially giving you free advertising….and who could turn that down?!?

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