40% of Splitit’s employees are women and now 40% of them are pregnant – 5 reasons why I will keep hiring women

  1. They value time – Women pack some serious industry experience and some personal stories as well. Working mothers, for example, need to manage their time wisely and won’t work for a “clock-in, clock-out” type of job. Instead, they strategically prioritize projects, look for smart partnerships to reduce waste and can provide laser focus on what is really important. All skills that are crucial to Splitit’s success
  2. A lifetime of experience (as a lady) – Women understand a range of life experiences and demographics important to the success of my startup — from teenage girls and just-starting-out 20-somethings, to working mothers. In addition, as women get older, they’re likely to have also been caregivers of older family members. This experience not only helps them empathize with a broader and larger audience, it can also help me build a new offering for that audience.
  3. Innovative and efficient – There is increasing evidence that the co-existence of men and women in the same environment accounts for more creative teams; Together men and women can solve complex conundrums and develop innovative solutions through a larger source of options that colleagues are able to deliberate over. This is again proven with data. Fastco highlight that teams with at least one full time female member of staff have a higher collective group IQ than teams made up of just men. Smarter teams equal greater productivity. Remember the mantra, “work smarter not harder.”
  4. Increased Operational and Financial Performance – diversity is key for us.  Since women are responsible for a majority of household spending decision, it follows that a diverse workforce may provide better insight into consumer preferences. This understanding can be translated to improve our products and services, which leads to growth in our market share or expansion into new markets. Start-up advisor and founder at ‘PitchTo’, Wayne Sutton, highlights that women tend to generate higher revenues with one-third less capital than men, and founding teams raised larger rounds if they were mixed gender teams.
  5. Women Correlate with Success – Analysis of more than 20,000 venture-backed companies showed that successful startups have twice as many women in senior positions as unsuccessful companies.