How to Make Payments Easier for your Online Customers?

Whether you like it or not, your business depends on your online customers, so you better make sure they’re happy. Here’s how  to make payments easier for them to ensure they’ll come back for more

Increasing profits is at the foundation of any and every business, with the source of a business’s profits being of course its customers. They are the reason your product or service exists, and they are what keeps your business afloat. If you wish to increase your revenue, and who doesn’t, you know you have to make sure your customer is as satisfied as they can be until they reach the checkout button.

Research has shown that roughly 68% of online shoppers never carry out their payments, and it’s even worse on mobile, with 97%. Something must not be right. Therefore, you can spend your budget on sprucing up your homepage, your social media efforts or your actual product. However, if a client suffers from any type of disturbance on your checkout page, they’re not going to stick around long enough for you to fix it.

While your customers can spend hours and hours browsing your site, filling up their carts and racking up totals that would make Christmas come early, one wrong move on your part during the payment process, and you can forget they’ve ever set a virtual foot in your door.

Humans are Highly Irritable – Work With it, Don’t Fight it.

One too many questions or a lack of payment options can anger a potential paying customer and cause them never to return. Make sure your final step for those shopping on your site is a breezy and quick one, leaving them happy and more likely to come back in the future. By doing this, you will be amping up customer retention, international reach, professionalism and reliability.

Make Sure your Shopping Cart is Mobile-Friendly

While smartphones are leaving computers in the dark, leading in numbers with e-commerce traffic, many sites are unable to optimize their platforms for mobile. This results in long and disrupted checkouts which cause shopping cart abandonment. In order to avoid just that, enhance user experience by eliminating graphics, social widgets and other unnecessary elements in order to increase page loading speed. Furthermore, cater to your customers’ needs by preparing for any unexpected interruptions. If they are shopping on their phones for example, they will most likely get a call or text during their time on your site or have something else catch their attention, causing them to leave your page momentarily. By automatically saving their shipping and billing details as well as their wish list items, you’ll be able to guarantee they’ll eventually return to your page and buy whatever it is they wanted to purchase in the first place.

 Offer Installment Plans To Yours Customers

To prevent people from abandoning your shopping cart, you need to offer more than one method of payment. Maybe choose a combination of PayPal plus a standard credit card processor and few alternative payment method.  The more options people have, the more likely they are to make their purchase.

Avoid this by providing shoppers with the option to pay in installments through Splitit. The platform offers customers  interest-free monthly payment options, while increasing your sales and revenues. The service eases the pain your customers would most likely feel if that one lump sum were to be deducted, hitting their savings hard and fast. Remember that by allowing your customers to budget out their payments, you’ll be making their decision to buy (a lot) from you easier both emotionally and financially.

Don’t lose customers because they don’t have a way to pay you.

Don’t Force Your Not-Yet Customers to Create an Account or fill out forms

The number of people who abandon their forms is equally as shocking

Asking your customers to fill out lengthy, redundant information may be part of the reason for them deciding to go elsewhere. In fact, 72% of shoppers abandon an order due to a lengthy or complicated checkout process. Long forms tend to be an issue here. For example, filling in the details to receive a consumer financing loan can take time, making it more likely that some customers will leave the site before finishing the form.

When was the last time you saw a long application form and said, “Oh boy! I love giving my phone number, social security number, 2 alternative addresses, mother’s maiden name, and life story to strangers on the internet!” Not to say security isn’t important, but there are ways to give your users a feeling of security without feeling like they’re standing in line at the embassy.

Give the People what they Need

One size doesn’t fit all.Yes, your payment method might in fact be the most widely used, but most doesn’t cover everyone, so give more options for those who need it. This doesn’t mean offering every method possible, it means studying your target market to know how they shop, and how they choose to spend their money.

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