In the US alone, the current number of digital shoppers is 205 million people, which means that your online store has vast potential to rake in the big bucks from a myriad of consumers. However, no matter how high-quality your product is or how well you think your store is performing, there’s always more you can do to drive your sales upwards.

Whether you’re revising old methods or improvising new ones, you should always be attentive both to the needs of your customers and the needs of your store, focusing on what can benefit them the most at any given time. While getting traffic to your website is the obvious first step, it doesn’t guarantee in the slightest that you’ll be closing sales. Luckily, we’ve laid out several other helpful tactics that will not only attract customers but keep them, which should ultimately lead you to boost your ecommerce revenue.

Boost E-Commerce Revenue by Sprucing up Your Website

It should go without saying that you should choose the best ecommerce platform to suit your business. Whether that means a self-hosted vs. hosted site, using templates instead of designing the site from scratch, or considering employing various types of tools to integrate with your platform. Once that’s out of the way, paying attention to the layout and design of your website is crucial. If the display of your products isn’t eye-catching, no one is going to bother sticking around your site to see what else you have to offer. Research shows that people are quick to judge a site just on the basis of its design, and that that design should be consistent with the purpose of the site in order to be judged favorably. Positive first impressions lead to higher satisfaction, and high satisfaction means your customers are likely to return to your site and buy from you again.

Use Trustmarks

If you don’t have as much time as you’d like to devote to sprucing up the appearance of your website, then using trustmarks is a must, especially if you aren’t yet a well-known company. Trustmarks are the logos or images you can place on your site to show customers that your store is secure to shop on. According to this survey from the UK, 85% of online shoppers look for signs that the website they are considering shopping from is safe. You’re not going to be able to boost e-commerce revenue unless your customers know that your store can be trusted.

Incorporate Videos to Explain Your Products

Getting your customers to understand what you’re selling can sometimes be half the battle. If the description you’ve given your product isn’t clear, consumers may be hesitant to complete their purchases or continue browsing other products on your online store. In fact, 71% of consumers believe that a product is explained better by video. 57% of consumers feel that product videos reduce ambiguity and therefore decrease the chances that the merchandise will be sent back by 25%. The fewer the returns, the more money you end up with in your pocket.

Make the Checkout Experience a Positive One

Another tip that’ll help you boost your ecommerce revenue is making sure your checkout experience is one your customers will enjoy. This can be done in a number of ways. Firstly, forcing your customers to register for your site before checkout is a no-no; this alone causes 26% of customers to abandon in their shopping carts. Also, be upfront about your shipping costs so it doesn’t unpleasantly surprise your customers when they’ve completed their purchases. Remember that hidden fees are the number one reason people abandon their shopping carts before checkout. Finally, it’s imperative that you give your customers a reason to continue shopping or come back to your site. This leads us to our last tip.

Upsell or Cross-Sell?  

For those who don’t know, upselling is where the site displays products to visitors that are similar but more expensive than the item they’re currently looking at. In other words, upselling is a kind of upgrade to what they’re already thinking about buying. In contrast, cross-selling is when you show a product equivalent in value to the one that is presently displayed on screen. Upselling performs is said to be 20 times better than cross-selling on e-commerce sites, so showing your customers relevant yet pricier products as they check out could very well improve your rate of sales exponentially.

When deciding which of these tactics to implement when aiming to boost e-commerce revenue, the main thing to keep in mind is that you want your customers to be happy. Growing your revenue is all about getting the customers to your site, keeping them satisfied, and most importantly, making sure their shopping experience is an easy and pleasant one. If you use this perspective to make adaptations to your business, there’s no doubt you’ll come out with a loyal clientele, and by extension, a higher stream of income from your online store

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