How to Increase Online Sales

With e-commerce sales booming, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to convert your web visitors’ interest in your products into actual sales. From building a trusting relationship with your customers to allowing them to pay in installments, here are the top 7 tips that’ll help you increase your online sales in no time.

When it comes to e-commerce sites the main question on everyone’s mind is whether a sale has been made or not. While many sites struggle to increase traffic to their site, which automatically means they’ll have trouble selling, similar websites that are ranked highly in search engines are also suffering from the same problem.

In fact, you could have two websites with the exact same products sold at the same price but they would still get different conversion rates because of issues such as ease of use and trust. There could be a few reasons as to why this happens, but since customers are looking to buy more online, you have to face the facts that you are probably doing something wrong. So how do you increase online sales? Here are the 7 steps you should follow.

Build Trust

Since you never actually spend any face-to-face time with your customers, you have to get them to trust you in other ways. You can do this by including endorsements, testimonials and case studies from your actual clients, as well as join local business group and become an active member of the community. Feature real people and personalize your website and most importantly, invest in security: always display the payment providers you work with and add a SSL certificate to your site.

Add Visual Content

Make sure to incorporate visual content into your site and plan ahead for mobile shoppers who’ll be able to view your products on the go. According to Forbes, “mobile shopping alone is predicted to represent a quarter of all e-commerce by 2016 and by 2014, mobile will account for 30% of all US Internet access and will likely surpass total desktop usage.” This is precisely why you have to make sure your site will suit any type of mobile device and will present your content, whether video or not, in the best possible way.

Furthermore, by investing in the right type of content you’ll be able to increase online sales. “Video ranks higher than text in search engines and it has more a long-term effect on SEO” so incorporating marketing videos, such as those created by Promo are exactly what your site needs. Add to that designed video ads, as the ones created by YuVideo, and you’ll be able to increase your site’s CPMs by 500%.

Offer Free Shipping

Invest in free shipping, and you’ll soon see how successful your site will become. Research has shown that free shipping continues to drive purchasing decisions and ultimately convinces visitors to buy. In fact, it is so useful that some visitors will actually buy more than what they intended to in order to qualify for free shipping.

Improve Your Site’s Navigation and Speed

Think about it – would you decide to purchase an item from a beautifully designed, easy to use, clear and fast website, or would you opt for a slow working one that confuses you? Navigation on both desktop and mobile is absolutely crucial. Make sure to keep your site professional, user-friendly, clean of spelling mistakes and with strong calls to action.

Invest in improving your site’s speed and minimize the number of clicks from landing on the home page to the actual checkout. This also means you shouldn’t have to urge your customers to open an account and input a ton of information they rather keep to themselves. In short, keep things as simple and quick as possible.

Clients Prefer Paying in Installments

Allow your customers to pay in installments. This will not only give them the feeling that they are paying less, but will also enable them to purchase more items and eliminate their need to compare prices on different sites.

A service that enables you to do just that is Splitit, which allows you to use your existing credit card and divide the total cost across as many interest-free payment as you like. In fact, according to a recent research conducted by the site, potential customers prefer installments over discounts and free shipping.

Increase a Customer’s Order

Once you’ve got your customer hooked and ready to purchase their item from you, you can now ask them to buy more products. Since a person is essentially giving you their trust once they decide to give you money, there is no better moment for you as a business owner to try to sell them more products.

Increase Customer Value

In order to improve your profitability, you need to increase customer value. Begin by understanding your customers personally in order to know what to offer them specifically. Understand what value or service your product is able to give your customers and why it would be the right choice for your particular customer. According to Inc, “Satisfied customers that perceive a lot of value in your offering are usually willing to pay more, while unsatisfied customers will leave, even at a low price.”

When it comes to increasing online sales, there is no better way than trial and error. However, we can assure you that all of these 7 tips will help your business grow. Pick the strategies that best work for your business, and in a few months time you’ll be sure to see a difference.

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