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“Thanks to Splitit we have boosted conversions and we can definitely say that if we were to remove Splitit, our sales would drop significantly.”

Nomos Glashütte

Since introducing Splitit installment payments as an option, NOMOS Glashütte has seen a great improvement in both sales and AOV.


“Splitit has had a magnificent impact on increasing sales and conversion rate with attractive advantages for our customers, especially by offering 0% interest.”


“With Splitit we can reach a larger group of customers. When they have more opportunities to buy the special treasures that appeal to them, they are more satisfied with their experience at fashionette.”


“Since offering Splitit to customers, the average order value has increased by more than 15% for shoppers spending more than $120 in products. We have also seen more than a 10% decrease in checkout abandonment for high order value baskets.”

Vestiaire Collective

“Splitit is a frictionless solution to payment installments. There are no more long forms to fill out or credit checks. With Splitit, our customers are spending more money. The order tickets are +120% vs. non Splitit tickets.”

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