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The Sleepenvie-Splitit partnership has been a successful one. Their average order value (AOV) has increased by $500 USD, conversions have increased by 6%, and currently 25% of customers are choosing to pay with Splitit.


“Thanks to Splitit we have boosted conversions and we can definitely say that if we were to remove Splitit, our sales would drop significantly.”


“This is ultimately the goal of any business – to increase business. The numbers have shown a significant increase in sales since September, and Splitit has definitely played a significant role in that growth.”


“Splitit has had a magnificent impact on increasing sales and conversion rate with attractive advantages for our customers, especially by offering 0% interest.”


“Our clients love the flexibility of being able to pay in installments,which has made our sales process so much easier. The service and support has been nothing short of extraordinary.”

Virgin Pure

“Splitit allows our customers an easy and accessible way to spread the cost of their purchase with as few barriers and pain points as possible.”

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