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Splitit Healthcare , the first and only interest-free financing solution offered on patients’ existing credit cards (Visa & MasterCard)

Splitit Healthcare is revolutionizing patient financing for healthcare practices by enabling them to offer interest-free monthly payments on their patients’ existing credit cards. The Splitit product has been patent protected in the United States since 2012.

Splitit Healthcare provides a hassle-free way for patients to pay medical bills with instant approval, 0% interest, and no credit checks or credit application.

Leading to increased treatment acceptance and improved patient loyalty.

Splitit Healthcare works within several healthcare verticals, including dentistry, elective surgery, weight loss surgery and hearing, among others. The financing solution allows patients to choose monthly payment installments on their existing credit cards, making medical charges more affordable by eliminating the costly interest rates often associated with medical financing, while enabling patients to balance monthly budgets easier. When using Splitit Healthcare, patients receive all of the credit card benefits they are accustomed to.

Splitit’s fees are the lowest among the leading health care consumer finance solutions currently being used by clinics nationwide.

Healthcare practices offering Splitit Healthcare benefit from increased treatment acceptance by patients and increased patient loyalty. Practices can choose between two pricing plans, receiving the full amount upfront with a discount fee of 7.5% for 12 interest free installments, or receiving payment monthly at a fee of 1.5% of the purchase plus $1.50 per installment.

Splitit Healthcare Verticals

 Elective surgery
 Weight loss surgery
 LASIK & Vision

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