• About Splitit

Welcome to Splitit

Splitit was founded by veterans of the finance and retails industries. The Splitit solution has been patent protected in the United States since 2012. Our mission is to expand and enhance the traditional credit card experience offered to consumers by giving them more convenient purchase options. This in turn leads to increased performance of the merchants and partners that offer it.

What is Splitit

Splitit is a unique service that enables consumers to pay for their Retail or Web purchases using their existing credit cards and divide the total cost across as many interest-free payments as they choose, without completing a credit application or qualifying for a new credit line.

When selected, Splitit automatically schedules monthly installments on the consumer’s credit card to cover the cost of the item that they have purchased. Because payments with Splitit are spread out over time, consumers can have greater control over their budget. And because consumers don’t have the added expense of interest charges, larger purchases are more affordable.

Merchants and Consumers want Splitit

In a study of over 700 consumers, almost 60% said that they are more likely to purchase a product if the Splitit option was available at checkout. Consumers easily understand that Splitit offers greater convenience and buying power than current payment options. In addition, consumers said that they would prefer to go back to a store where Splitit was offered.