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3 Ways to Bring Your Customers Back to Your Site- Reducing Your Cart Abandonment Rate 

Last updated January 2022

You’ve done it. Your website looks and functions beautifully. All the kinks have been worked out and people have made their way to their (full) shopping carts. But then they click away. Just like that, they’re gone! 

The question you have running through your head right now is most probably one of two:

“Why did they leave?”


“How do I get them to come back and complete their purchase?”

If it’s the former, you might want to take a look at our post about Purchase Flow [link to B12B – Purchase Flow Blog] to make sure you are providing the right experience for your customers flowing from your website through your purchasing pages. 

If it’s the latter, read on. 

Cart Abandonment is a Real Issue

The number of people who abandon their shopping carts online is a staggering 70-75% on average (meaning it could also be higher or lower depending on the industry and consumer). This affects every online retailer, which is why more and more businesses are on the hunt for practical solutions. Let’s discuss several practical ways you can catch (or “recapture”) your customer’s attention if they do decide to abandon their shopping cart. 

Play with Pop Ups

As they navigate away from the page, give them pause with a pop up that highlights benefits to making their purchase now. You can use this opportunity to share a number of things. You can give them a special discount code, remind them that a promotion is ending soon, share why your product is so valuable or better than your competitors, or make sure they use their email to save their cart before leaving. You can also pose a simple question… “Are you sure?” 

Email Reminders

If your customer has reached the point of sharing their email address, but not their payment info, you can filter them into a special customer segment of shoppers who have partially completed purchases to follow up with reminder emails. We recommend sending out the first email right after they leave or at least within a few hours. According to Moosend, more than 40% of these cart abandonment emails are opened. Then 50% of those are actually clicked on and half of those who clicked, went back and bought! 

Retargeting is “In”

Follow them when they leave. (Not in a creepy way, of course.) 

Using retargeting is a great way to get your brand and name in front of shoppers as they continue to browse and shop online. They are considered “warm” prospects because they already know and like you. Since they were already on your site, retargeting helps continue to build familiarity with your brand. 70% of people are more likely to convert after being retargeted according to a study by Spiralytics. By the way, “remarketing” and “retargeting” are essentially the same thing. The idea, however, is to do more than just follow your customers around with ads. That’s only step one. This is more about re-engaging your audience to bring them back to your website and to make a purchase. Consider this while designing your retargeting ads and when crafting calls-to-action that will give you the results you want.

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