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5 Simple Tips For Calming Customer’s Nerves And Enhancing Shopping Cart Experience

Last updated January 2022

Over the course of several years, big businesses and startups have been hit hard by shopping card abandonment. Just when the business is about to snag a sale, the customer walks away and doesn’t pay for his or her items. Surprisingly, this actually occurs 68% of the time, when the customer is adding items to their virtual shopping cart!

What makes shoppers change their minds at the last minute? There are actually a handful of reasons, which can lead directly to shopping cart abandonment. These reasons and potential rectifications will be explored below.

1. Trust Is Everything

Trust is absolutely pertinent for online businesses. Customers need to be able to trust your business and see it as trustworthy and legitimate. Customers are highly likely to abandon ship and flee your site, if they feel that the site will not be able to handle their private credentials safely and securely.

This is why it is truly vital to establish a good rapport with your potential clients. A customer is much more likely to hand over their money, if they feel comfortable and close to the business. There are a handful of ways to improve the client’s trust in your entity and they’ll be explored in greater depth below.

Using Trust Seals

Trust and security seals can be an exceptionally effective way to put your customers at ease. Through countless studies and experiments, these seals have proven to be a reliable solution to this problem, yet less than half of company adorn their sites with security or trust seals. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 35% of brands show off one of these seals, at some point during the checkout process.

This is truly a mistake, since these seals can be very reliable and they’re available in various styles. They can truly be placed anywhere on the site, including the footer or header. Below, you will learn more about the individualistic seals, which can be used on your site.

Privacy Seals

Privacy seals are definitely one way to add confidence to your customers. These seals are handed out to businesses, which have proven to go above and beyond to establish and stick with their own Privacy Policy. In order to obtain one of these seals, you will need to proceed through an application process, pay a fee and complete a verification process. Below, you’ll find a list of information, which needs to be disclosed to your customers:

-How information is collected

-How it is used internally

-Whether or not the information is shared with 3rd party entities or credit bureaus

If you wish to obtain one of these seals, you should contact one of the companies, which issues them. They include TRUSTe, Norton and McAfee.

A Business Seal

A business seal is incredibly simple, as it just identifies your business and confirms your credibility. In order to obtain a business seal, the business must exhibit sound practices, while maintaining accreditation standards for all of their business practices. Generally, contacting the Better Business Bureau is the best way to obtain the seal, but the process is extensive and somewhat costly.

 Security Seal

In order to prove that your business is going to protect the customer’s credentials and other private information, you should display a security seal on your site. The SSL/TLS certificate is ultimately an excellent way to encourage clients to lend more credence to your company. The security seal does a handful of things, including the following.

  • Proves you are the owner of the visited domain
  • That the customer’s information is thoroughly protected and secured

There is truly an abundance of different types of security seals and some of them will be more effective than others. If you wish to obtain one of the more easily identifiable seals, you will likely need to pay more, in order to do so.

In order to obtain one of these seals, you should contact one of the Certificate Authorities, which include DigiCert, GoDaddy and Symantec.

The PayPal Seal

One of the most convenient and easiest ways to enhance your site’s credibility is by adding a PayPal Security Seal to your site. This can be beneficial for several reasons. First and foremost, adding the Secured by PayPal seal to your site will make it possible to give your client’s peace of mind. At the same time, doing so will give you the chance to enlist as a PayPal-verified seller. This can greatly enhance your customer’s reassurance, since they’ll know that you’ve gone through a lengthy verification process and that your site has passed several security tests.

This is truly one of the easiest ways to achieve the goal. The process is free, straightforward and not only time consuming.

2. Provide A Satisfaction Guarantee

If you truly wish to provide your potential customers with an abundance of peace of mind, you should consider adding a Satisfaction Guarantee seal to your site. This guarantee provides the consumer with peace of mind knowing that your company is more than willing to offer refunds for items, which are defective. This is absolutely vital, since online shoppers are unable to inspect the item carefully.

The good news is that obtaining a Satisfaction Guarantee Seal couldn’t be easier. There are thousands available for free online and you can easily slap it on all pages of your website. At least adding the seal to your site’s foot is recommended. By making this information easily visible to the customer, they’ll be much more trusting of your business.

Finally, make sure you provide the customer with an easily visible link to your return policy. This will help to ensure that the client knows precisely what to expect, when entering into business with your company. And lastly, make sure your customers are able to easily access your security protocols. Let them know precisely what is done to protect their information.

3. Display Customer Service Contact Details

Today, customer service is truly more vital than anything else. If a company’s customer service is lacking, clients will know about it and the word will spread. Ultimately, bad customer service will greater hinder a company’s business and diminish their reputation. Therefore, you should make sure that your clients are able to access your customer service department’s contact information easily.

Remember that you can setup a handful of different customer service solutions, including a 1-800 number or an online communication application.

4. Social Media And Testimonials

Social media has become immensely popular in the past few years and businesses have been able to benefit from its growth. By setting up and running a social media account for your business, you’ll be able to interact with your customers and put them at ease. Once they begin feeling familiar and comfortable with your business, they’ll be much more likely to purchase your goods and services.

At the same time, you should definitely incorporate customer testimonials into your business strategy. Once a customer has successfully completed their order and the item has been delivered, you should encourage them to write a testimonial. A good testimonial can go a long way towards building a sizeable customer base and making your business a success.

Make sure that your customer testimonials are easily identifiable on your website.

5. Selecting Wordage With Caution

Finally, you should realize that the words you utilize could have a major impact on the checkout process. Instead of saying something along the lines of simple checkout, you should use secure checkout. Also, convince customers to “verify” their email, instead of simply telling them to reenter the email twice. This minor difference can be incredibly impactful and could prove to be the deciding factor for your customers.

By reading the information above and following the recommendations, you will be able to kick start your strategy and ignite trustworthiness in your business. If you truly wish to cut down on abandoned shopping carts, you should make your customers feel comfortable and trusting. In order to do this, small and large alterations needs to be made, but putting in the effort will pay off dividends in the long run.