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5 Tips For Making this the Perfect Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day of the year is right around the corner. What better way to say you care than with the perfect surprise for the person you love on Valentine’s Day. 

Have you started looking for something special for your special someone yet? If not, don’t worry! You still have time. And we have a few tips to help you in your search. 

DIY Your Gift

Spending your time making something for your partner is a great way to say “you are important to me.” This could be anything from crafting your own card with a poem from the heart, to creating a slideshow set to the song you first danced to, to creating a scrapbook full of memories of your adventures together. Time is a precious thing we all never have enough of. When you spend time doing something for someone else, this is a true act of love. 

Personalize Your Gift

There are so many ways to personalize a gift. Engraving a piece of jewelry or getting a charm bracelet with symbols of places you’ve been together and things you know she loves are good examples of personalizing something you know she will love to wear. Does he love his whiskey or maybe his office needs decorating. 

Create A Special Adventure

Creating an adventure the two of you can enjoy together is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Plan a treasure hunt based on places or things you both love or inside jokes only the two of you would understand. Or maybe organize a sunset cruise for just the two of you followed by dinner and drinks at your favorite restaurant. You could do a themed dinner and movie night at home or recreate your first date. You just have to get a bit creative in coming up with something you know the both of you would love.  

Make it a Surprise

You want to really go all out this year? Plan a surprise getaway for two to the place you’ve been talking about going for ages. Don’t say a word, just let your partner know they need to pack for 2 or 3 nights and to be ready in time for you to whisk them away. Trust me, they will be talking about that trip for a very long time to come and all their friends will be dying of jealousy that their significant other did not do that for them!

Take Advantage of Alternative Payment Options 

Do you feel like this is the year you want to make a big purchase? Finally get her the diamond necklace or earrings she has been eyeing for as long as you can remember? Maybe you were putting it off for a while because budget-wise it would really set you back for several months. If you go to a company like James Allen, they are not only offering special Valentine’s Day specials, but they also offer installment payments by Splitit to help make those big purchases affordable, without biting into you cash flow or adding fees or interest to your total payment.  

Another approach is getting creative with something practical. Chili is currently running a special sale for Valentine’s Day using installment payments to get a mattress pad to “keep your loved one warm this winter.” 

And don’t forget other loved ones in your family who would love a Valentine’s Day surprise. Your kiddos or nieces might love a beautiful handcrafted doll from Paradise Galleries. They are doing a special sweetheart sale with 3-months of interest free payments. 

Paying with installment payments is a great way to splurge on other things like going shopping for new furniture for your new place together (another really fun idea to turn Valentine’s Day into a day where you dream about the perfect home you wish to create as a couple). 

No matter how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, may it be a sweet time together! 

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at Splitit!

Kathryn Hayat (Content Contributor), February 3, 2020 Share this article

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