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Back To School Shopping Guide for Parents – Now A Breeze

No More ‘Shop Until You Drop’

It’s almost time for our favorite event. Every year between summer and fall calls for some necessary back to school shopping, and we are here to help! We all remember what it was like to want to start the new year fresh. Let’s give your kids a chance to do the same. Here’s a chance to upgrade their wardrobes, backpacks, school supplies, etc. without overspending. You no longer have to wait in ridiculously long lines or stress that you can’t afford something your child has been eyeing. Kiss goodbye the mentality of ‘shop until you drop’. 

Tips Every Parent Should Follow

  1. Make a checklist of everything your child may need to start off the new year strong. This will relieve you of stress and ensure that your children are more than prepared. 
  2. Don’t wait until the last week of August when stores are packed. Shop online and choose Splitit at checkout to split up payments so as not to heavyload your spending budget.
  3. Order ahead of time and you can say an official goodbye to all of those ridiculous lines. 
  4. Check out stores that offer monthly installment payments. Companies like Splitit allow you to make a purchase and pay over time in 0% interest monthly payments. This is a great way to manage your cash flow and buy those better quality items that will be sure to last a few years. 

Stores that Splitit Works With – Great for K-12

Get your kids the best supplies, accessories, and gadgets that they will put to good use. 

SmartBuyGlasses: Shop all of your favorite designer brand glasses for the best prices guaranteed. SmartBuyGlasses offers a variety of glasses and contact lenses to choose from. 

DealMatch: Find all of the supplies you need at a great price and condition. DealMatch finds you the best deals on those essential items. 

Hardsoft: Hardsoft offers leases to the latest gadgets, including this 13 inch Macbook Air Laptop. Browse through their site to see if they have what you or your child needs. 

Social Price: A range of items including backpacks for a great price with plenty of space for books and the bonus of a headphone output. 

Stores that Splitit Works With – Great for College Students 

Incoming freshmen are already overwhelmed as it is, and shopping for a new dorm room feels impossible. Make sure they have all of these items in their shopping cart so as to avoid unnecessary shopping outings, and give them more time to relax before the school year begins.

Bearaby: This weighted comforter was made for an epic’s night sleep for everyone. Check out Bearaby’s website to learn how the blanket can help increase levels of serotonin, increase melatonin, and reduce nighttime cortisol. 

Sleepenvie: Each Sleepenvie mattress is a latex-based, all foam mattress to conform to your body so as to ensure a perfect night’s sleep. Pick from a variety of sizes to fit your dorm room. 

Kogan: This Microwave oven by Kogan is the perfect appliance for any dorm room. Not only does it offer a grill mode setting, but it also gives 5 different power level options, and more. Prepare all of your favorite meals from the comforts of your room. 

This Anti-Theft Fortress Backpack not only prevents people from stealing your things, but also comes with features such as a USB charging port perfect for students that are out and about all day and need to charge their electronics. 

Infinity Shoes: Find all kinds of shoes you’ll love on Infinity Shoes’ website. Upgrade your wardrobe and pay in installments so that you can enjoy the new shoes you deserve. 

Take Advantage of Splitit

Get your kids what they need, but more importantly what they want without worrying about financials. Splitit makes shopping for many items that much easier. Choose the amount of installments you would like, and start the school year off right as you send your children to their first day enjoying all of the new purchases.  

Tal Bodner (Guest Blogger), August 4, 2019 Share this article

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