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BNPL Guide to Father’s Day Gifts

It’s not too early to start planning for Father’s Day. 

Whether he is your father, a father figure, or a man who makes a difference, take time to celebrate his presence in this world.

In this post, we’ll share 30 gift ideas to appeal to fathers with varied interests. From creatives and introverts to athletes and intellectuals, we’ll introduce you to 10 buy now pay later (BNPL) stores with the goods to make him smile.

We’ll also share how you can get your Father’s Day gifts this year as responsibly as possible, by splitting the cost of your gift into small monthly amounts. 

Use our BNPL method and he’ll be proud of the responsible shopper you’ve become (prove you were listening to those lectures about money). 

10 Top BNPL Stores with Smart Gift Ideas for Dad

1. Quiksilver

Quiksilver is an iconic brand, starting out as an apparel company in the ‘60s dedicated to devotees of mountain and water sports.

From scaling cliffs to catching waves, their clothing represents the essence of the ultimate outdoor lover’s lifestyle.

Here are a few gems you might want to pick up for dad:

  • Boardshorts — He doesn’t have to surf to wear boardshorts, but if he does, Quiksilver offers a staggering selection to choose from. And, if he lives an eco-friendly lifestyle, Quiksilver has options that incorporate plant-based materials and are made from recycled fabric (SurfSilk) or plastic bottles (Repreve).
  • T-shirts — There’s nothing like a good tee. Treat dad to a few t-shirts he can feel comfortable in, no matter what’s on his weekend or holiday agenda.

  • Snow gear — If he’s a ski or snowboard enthusiast, be sure to check out Quiksilver’s Snow Shop. Choose from a wide selection of snow gloves, goggles, jackets and pants designed to provide comfort in cold climates.

You can get all of these gifts and more without blowing your budget. Just choose to pay over time at the checkout with Splitit.

Shop at Quiksilver (UK)

2. DC Shoes

Birthed in the ‘90s, DC Shoes is a global brand catering to those who live life in action. 

It’s a top choice for gear among professional skateboarding, motocross and snowboarding athletes, but also a fan favorite for people immersed in outdoor sports and fashion.

Consider these gift ideas for Father’s Day (or any day):

  • Shoes — Is your father a shoe lover? DC Shoes has 150+ shoes to browse so you can find a pair or two that fits or expands his style. These skate shoes come in different colors, fabrics and designs.

  • Clothing — If he loves casual threads or activewear, DC Shoes makes a variety of affordable tops, pants, jackets, polos and hoodies to complement his after-five/weekend adventures.
  • Backpacks and bags — Help him keep everything together with a backpack or fanny pack for his excursions.

DC Shoes also offers hats, face masks and socks all available with BNPL options. It’s a great place to put together a comfortable outfit for dad that’s versatile enough for activity or rest. 

Shop at DC Shoes (UK)

3. Myprotein

If your father is into fitness and nutrition, Myprotein is into him. The sports nutrition brand offers a mix of protein powders, quality supplements, protein-rich food, healthy snacks and performance wear. 

Take a look at these gifts dad might like:

  • Men’s clothing — Myprotein has everything he needs to get and stay active. Shop for tanks, tees, tracksuits and training gear for when he’s ready to go hard or pick ultra-comfortable sweats, joggers and hoodies for a rest day. 
  • Protein supplements and foods — Myprotein carries all things protein, from whey powder and protein bars to healthier alternatives for sweeteners. If he lives a plant-based lifestyle, vegan options are available. 

  • Vitamins — You can choose vitamins based on his health goals, but you can also select the style of delivery (tablets, capsules, or liquids) and even have a choice of flavors.

It’s a one stop BNPL shop for the man who craves or maintains a healthy lifestyle.

Shop at My Protein (UK)

4. Braun

Keep dad looking his best with Braun, a company focused on providing high-quality grooming products for men. If he’s into self-care at home, get him instruments that deliver professional results that are easy to use.

We think he might like one or all of these gifts for Father’s Day:

  • Electric Shaver — From quick shaves to an experience reminiscent of an old-time barbershop, Braun makes a variety of electric shavers to suit different grooming goals. Does he travel a lot? Take a look at Series 3 rechargeable, compact shavers. If he has more time on his hands, perhaps the Series 8 is best, as it delivers a close, precise shave even in hard-to-reach areas.

  • All-in-One Trimmers — If he’s a multi-tasking kind of guy, an all-in-one trimmer might fit the bill. He can shave, trim his beard, trim nose hair, shape up his hair — you name it.
  • Grooming accessories — If he’s a grooming enthusiast, Braun has what he needs to keep his tools clean, organized and ready to roll. Be sure to check out the SmartCare Center which is designed to remove 99.9% of germs from shavers.

Choose the product recommender if you’re not sure exactly what to get. It’s a handy tool that can guide you to the best BNPL grooming gift for dad this year.

Shop at Braun (UK)

5. Canyon

Canyon makes bikes for the way he likes to ride. They are expertly engineered to provide a mobile experience that is just right for his level or fitness or need for function. 

Canyon has bikes for everyday riding, occasional riding, urban commuting and mountain cruising. Plus, they have the gear to match the lifestyle.

Get your father rolling with one of these BNPL popular bike choices:

  • Hybrid bikes — These bikes offer a combination of mountain and road bike features. They have options for pedal or electric power, giving him a choice that feels best for his riding goals. 

  • E-bikes — These award-winning bikes are electrically powered. Depending on the design, they can tackle riding in smooth or rocky conditions, from city to countryside. Is he looking for a greener commute? A fun fitness challenge with friends? E-bikes are versatile enough to answer his wants or needs.
  • Mountain bikes — Shop trail bikes perfect for handling rocky terrain and sharp elevation changes, full-suspension bikes ideal for tricky descents and a variety of other mountain bikes for sport and distance riding.

Canyon has a Perfect Positioning System online to help you find his ideal bike frame size.  They offer a 30-day ride and return option just in case it’s not the right fit.

Shop at Canyon (UK)

6. Mobvoi

If your father is the tech guru of your family, he’ll likely be intrigued by Mobvoi. It’s an artificial intelligence company with an innovative offering of products aligned with living a healthy life, full circle.

Look at these tech-forward gifts for dad:

  • TicWatch — This selection of smartwatches does more than tell time and track steps. With extended battery life, they have the juice to monitor physical and mental health data, keeping him in the know about his overall health profile. He can also connect with his favorite apps on Google Play to customize his experience.
  • TicPods — Mobvoi offers a variety of wireless earbuds. He can have a truly hands-free experience while listening to music or even talking on the phone. Head movements activate different functions such as answering or rejecting calls.

  • Treadmill — Is he building an at-home gym? Consider the Mobvoi treadmill. It’s easy to transport, has a slim footprint and is ultra durable for running or walking. Pair the treadmill with Bluetooth-enabled devices to play music through the built-in speaker.

Mobvoi offers so much for Father’s Day and you can get what you want for dad with BNPL power to keep your shopping stress free.

Shop at Mobvoi

7. Secretlab

If dad is a gamer, he needs a chair from Secretlab. These battle-tested gaming chairs are used by gaming pros and newbies and respected for their ergonomic comfort.

Here are a few options he might like:

  • Gaming chairs — Secretlab gives you a fair amount of colors and styles to choose from. That way, you can select a chair that works for his game room decor or personality. Chairs feature a four-direction mechanism for safe tilting, memory foam lumbar and head support and a comfortable seat base. 

  • Computer chair — The NeueChair is an ideal gift if he spends a lot of time at his desk for work or leisure. It offers all-over support to combat stressed muscles and is heavy-duty to handle daily use without giving out.

These chairs provide lasting comfort, even if he is a marathon movie watcher. The point is you don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy them. It’s a gift of comfort, and that never goes out of style. 

Shop at Secretlab (UK)

8. Eschelon Fitness

Don’t let him settle for a “Dad bod” with a great gift to keep him happy and healthy. Echelon Fitness is a new approach to fitness, creating a professional, studio-quality fitness experience you can do on your time, and in the comfort of your own home.

Here are our favorite Father’s Day picks:

  • Connect Bike EX-7s— Built with performance, flexibility and durability in mind, the EX-7s is the bike for competitors-at-heart. The Connect Bike comes in several models, but the new EX-7s has tons of features to keep him motivated!
  • Row-S Connected Rowing Machine — Not a bike guy? Switch your workout around and try these connected rowing machines. With a 22 inch. rotating HD screens, you can work out on and off the Row-s by simply flipping the screen while immersing yourself in classes and scenic rows alike.
  • Stride Auto-Fold Connected Treadmill — Designed with convenience in mind, the Echelon Stride features auto-fold technology to make heart-pumping workouts more accessible than ever before.

Explore thousands of live and on-demand studio fitness classes led by expert trainers to get in shape from the comfort and safety of home. One membership provides access to all classes and exclusive app content, as well as connects you to the Echelon community as a whole.

Shop at Eschelon Fitness

9. Tentbox

Take camping with dad to a new level with Tentbox. It’s a camping solution that allows you to hang out under the stars atop automobiles of all sizes.

Here are three gifts to choose from:

  • TentBox Lite — This is the most lightweight tent. It sleeps two, has a built-in mattress and a skylight. This works with cars of any size and has a ladder for easy access and setup.
  • TentBox Classic — This roof tent sleeps two, is weather-proof, fits any vehicle and pops open for easy setup. He can choose to store bedding and the ladder while he’s traveling if he wants.

  • TentBox Cargo — The design of this roof tent features side or rear access. It has a rustic tent feel, lots of rails for attachments and is the slimmest design available.

TentBoxes are a great way to experience nature. They are especially ideal if he doesn’t like sleeping on the ground. This gives him more options for outdoor adventures.

Shop at Tentbox

10. Teqball

Teqball is a fast-growing sport that combines a soccer ball and a curved table for a fast-paced, fun game. It’s like soccer (football) meets table tennis. 

Here are the three table options you can buy:

  • Teq Lite — This is the most portable option. It’s weather-resistant and easy to set up and store away.  
  • Teq One — This is suitable for a more permanent, dedicated space. It can be secured to the ground and is designed to be outside or inside.
  • Teq Smart — This mobile table is easy to fold and store. It offers easy access to play a game anytime.

These tables are built to handle a spirited game. Maybe dad will invite you over to play.

Shop at Teqball

How Splitit Can Help You Buy Him the Best Gift Ever

This year, you can celebrate dad with gifts that come from the heart without putting a strain on your wallet. How? Select Splitit at checkout.

Splitit is a buy now pay later method that is:

  • Responsible: It requires no lengthy application, credit-check or hidden fees. 
  • Simple: Just choose Splitit at checkout. The BNPL technology does the rest.
  • Flexible: Choose monthly payment terms that fit your budget. You can plan for big purchases without feeling the stress of paying all at once.
  • Accessible: With an existing Visa or Mastercard and enough available credit to make the purchase, you are all set.

When you pay with Splitit, an interest-free payment plan is set up on your existing credit card. Splitit technology sets aside a pre-authorized amount that decreases as you make your payments.

Learn more about how Splitit works here. Join the growing number of shoppers who have decided to buy Father’s Day gifts now and pay over time. Get the gift you really want for him this year with Splitit.

Robyn Evans (Content Contributor), April 27, 2021 Share this article

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