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Father’s Day Gifts That Dad Will Love… And You Can Afford

Father’s Day is just around the corner and you still haven’t gotten your dad a present yet? Well worry not. Here are 5 great gift ideas that are sure to make your old man smile and remind him how much you love him.

Leather Dopp Kit

This compact elegant dopp kit is the perfect father’s day gift that won’t break the bank. With an exterior of Italian full grain leather, and an interior of durable waterproof nylon, this spill proof toiletry case will hold all of dad’s essentials, won’t take up too much space in his carry-on, and will make him feel classy wherever he travels.

$96 or 4 interest free monthly payments of $24


A watch is a classic gift, and for good reason. Not only are they functional and good looking, but they represent timeliness, responsibility, and quality craftsmanship. Nothing is a more fitting gift for your dad this year. To check out this watch or other name brand watches at a discount price, checkout watch4u.

$216 or 6 interest-free monthly payments of $36

Golf Bag

If your dad is a golfer, this durable, lightweight Stewart Golf bag is the bag for him. Bonus: If dad’s back isn’t what it used to be, Stewart Golf also makes a hands-free robot that will carry this bag and follow him around the golf course making him the coolest dad in town.

$220 or 6 monthly payments of $36.66

Sit-Stand Desk

Stay fit and get work done at the same time? Yes please! Standing desks are the new fad, and for good reason. Standing while working builds muscle, burns fat, and even boosts creativity and happiness, while sitting for too long is associated with an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and depression. This elegant sit-stand desk’s height can be adjusted with just the push of a button, making it a fantastic father’s day gift for a hardworking dad.

$1245 or 6 interest-free monthly payments of $207.50.

Rooftop Tent

Let dad take camping to the next level this summer with the TentBox. This rooftop tent turns any vehicle into an RV, featuring a soft foam mattress, gas assisted opening system, and a fully weatherproof exterior. The Tentbox comfortably fits two adults and a dog or small child, and can fold up to be less than 12 inches in height. If dad loves adventures, this is the tent for him.

$2495 or 12 interest free monthly payments of $207.92
Maor Ziv- Kreger (Content Contributor), June 11, 2019 Share this article

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