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Fitphyt Leggings are the Future

Last updated January 2022

fitphyt is an awesome luxury activewear company, launched in 2018 by Marelé, after years of traveling for work. Her go-to outfit was always a pair of leggings and a cute t-shirt, but she could never find the perfect pair – they either didn’t stay up properly or they weren’t flattering. So she set out to fix this problem. 

We had so much fun chatting with Marelé the other day about their active-wear, we honestly didn’t want to get off the phone. She is so inspiring! You can see how thoughtful she is about her business. Splitit is happy to call fitphyt partners!

Perfect leggings for real women

Seriously…’High Fives’ to Marelé, who built this company so authentically, pouring her days and nights over every detail in the process of creating the perfect legging, that not only lasts wash after wash, but also fits real needs of real women! (She actually interviewed over 200 women, and designed and built their leggings based on their responses.)

fitphyt leggings are bold and what makes them unique is the way in which the artwork has been designed and placed to flatter and elongate the woman’s figure. Their best-seller (and my personal favorite) are their Confetti leggings. They have premium metallic embellishment that makes the leggings ‘pop’. I LOVE the gold one! Their color and designs are made to last, so they look like new years later. And they are buttery soft!

All their designs come in XS-XXL. They added an extra 2cm to their XL and XXL-sized high-tech waistbands, because their research showed it helped them fit better. There is no “slippage” problem in any size. They are ‘squat-proof’, ‘sweat-proof’, and ‘body-hugging’! Any woman who has ever bought a pair of leggings understands these pain points. As I’m writing this, I’m thinking about those times in the fitting room examining yourself from all angles; wiggling around and squatting down to make sure those things stay up. 

Worth every penny!

We love what Marelé is doing. These leggings are worth every penny and they will last a long time. If you are like us ladies here at Splitit, then you would agree that investing in a quality pair of leggings, like fitphyt, is a savvier way to spend your money. Versus buying 4 pairs of so-so leggings that don’t quite fit right and last only 6 months.

When Marelé started her company, she recognized that eCommerce is a global game. They are headquartered in Hong Kong and sell their premium leggings all over the world, which meant they needed to have a global payment solution. They spent months searching for a solution that was not only easy to implement, but also could be used in any country. Through their analysis, they found that there are good alternatives in specific markets, but nothing that enabled them to easily scale in to new markets.

Splitit ticked these boxes and enhanced our customer experience, so in the end it was a relatively easy decision to partner with Splitit,” Marelé explained. “With Splitit, we are able to target markets we would not otherwise be able to.” The interface is seamless and Splitit enables them to grow their customer base in markets that were previously not accessible.

fitphyt is now able to offer its shoppers the option to pay in installments using Splitit all over the world, spreading out their payments over 4 months with no additional fees or interest. Also, they don’t need to spend time signing up to a third party service. It’s as simple and easy as a click of the button. Marelé really considered every need her ladies’ might have, from the actual fit of her leggings to her customers’ shopping experience!

“Our customers love being able to pay in installments, so that more cash is freed up for other requirements dependent on their needs,” says Marelé. “By enabling Splitit, our customers are able to purchase premium quality products that provide higher value for money in the long-run. A win for fitphyt, a win for the environment, and most importantly a win for our customers!”

fitphyt leggings are built to be loved for a long long time, and they are worth every penny!

Live your hero life

fitphyt believes in helping moms become Supermoms. Sporty women become Fitness Queens. Well-dressed women become Fashionistas. Leaders become Boss Ladies. fitphyt’s goal is to help women live their own unique HERO lives! Splitit believes in businesses, like Marelé’s, and strives to help make purchasing their quality products possible for people everywhere!

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