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Gemperles Shares their Secret to Success

Last updated January 2022

Rocking the Pearl Industry

I’ve recently had the pleasure of being able to speak with Arnaud, the founder and Directeur of Gemperles. He is a rockstar innovator of the pearl business, finding a way to sell high quality, certified pearls (which are really hard to find, by the way) at very reasonable prices online.

Arnaud, who had moved from France to Hong Kong to find work and establish his career, was inspired to start his own company after a trip into China. In 2002, he set out on a quest to find a beautiful pearl necklace for his future wife, then girlfriend. Little did he realize how challenging of a task he was embarking on. He had no idea how difficult it was to find high quality pearls (especially at affordable prices). Eventually he did find the perfect piece, as well as the inspiration for his new business idea. 

In 2006, he officially launched the Gemperles website to sell unique fine quality pearls to his home country France. Over the years he has grown his business and now sells to shoppers in Italy, Belgian, Switzerland, the UK, Malaysia and Japan, as well as several other French speaking countries.

Establishing his online business was no small feat. It took 4 years of hard work setting up the foundation of his company, but when it finally came together, it was a business model that would last. He was adamant that his company’s core values would focus on customer relationships. Easier said than done, of course, especially when the majority of your business is online. The main focus is creating the best shopping experience available (more about that later).

Arnaud states the key to his continued success has been possible because he continues to pay close attention to market shifts and he really takes the time to listen to his customers.

Customers Come First

When Gemperles opened its digital doors, Arnaud knew that selling high quality products online had to be about more than just a store full of fine quality pearls. It was important to him to create a brand that was innovative and creative, with attractive and unique products and impeccable service. This business had to be about building relationships with its customers.

Gemperles is a company that cares. So, he established a reputation for being reachable, answering customers quickly, pricing products affordably, and offering more than just jewelry – he offered stories and emotional connections. 

Gemperles is a company that was emotionally connected. Even with over 3,000 pieces, Arnaud and his team took the time with each piece, creating unique designs (all done in-house) that each tell its own story.

Gemperles is a company with the best and easiest shopping experience. From finding the perfect piece to the payment process – it had to be flawless! Nothing less was acceptable. 

Paying Attention to Market Shifts

As the years have flown by, Gemperles has continuously adapted to its shoppers changing needs, staying on top of new trends, because they worked hard to stay tuned in to what their customers were saying. The biggest challenge was finding a way to balance the needs of their customers so everyone would be happy, because their audience ranges from early 20’s to the very wisest among us, so they have to cater to all. (Pearls are, after all, a timeless and classic look!) 

Over the years, they have done a variety of shifts to their business… They widened their product lines to include diamond fashion and engagement pieces to expand their market reach. They kept up with the growing online social movement, developing more videos and sharing the stories behind their products across social media platforms. In addition (and what they consider the most important aspect of their business), they are constantly developing and improving their online shopping experience to be easy, functional, and to meet (or exceed) expectations. All the while, they maintain the practice of providing good customer service that is flexible and responsive.

Partnerships to Meet Customer Demands

Over a year ago, Arnaud set out to find a solution to fulfill a need in their key market, France. In France, shoppers prefer to pay in installments. Customers would actually call Gemperles and ask them for this option on a regular basis. For a while, these customers had to be told there was no option (which was not Gemperles’ idea of good customer service). So, Arnaud went on the hunt to find an installment payment option that would work for them, not only in France, but in all their markets. 

That’s how Gemperles and Splitit came together. Splitit differs from other services, because there is no application or credit check required, working directly from the shopper’s credit card. Most importantly, the shopping experience remains seamless while providing an alternative and highly sought-after payment option. And now, Gemperles no longer has to say no to its customers!

For Gemperles, as with all merchants who use Splitit, it provides a safe and secure way to offer this option, knowing the payment will come through. It also tends to increase conversion rates and average order values, because shoppers have control over their own cash flow and can afford to make more expensive purchases. There are no penalties for the merchant and no fees for the shoppers. It’s a win-win opportunity and it is becoming the way people pay. 

Take a look at Gemperles’ exemplary shopping experience for yourself, and get a timeless piece for you (or your special someone) while you are at it. Pay with Splitit and use our special code ‘SPLITIT5′ for an extra 5% discount today! 

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