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OTTY Sleep is the Perfect Sleep

Oh mattress shopping…what a painful process you are! It’s just one of those things I typically put off for as long as possible before my back makes it an impossible chore to ignore. Then, once you do dive into this task, it’s quite a process of weeding through confusing information and figuring out how to choose the right mattress for your sleeping “style.”

Once you do finally select a mattress, it’s difficult to order and comes with high risk! What if it felt good when you tested it in the store, but then you get it home (strapped to the top of your car with a bunch of rope), only to wake up the next morning with achy bones and baggy eyes.

Think about trying on shoes, for example. They might feel amazing walking around in the store, but then wear them out for the first time for a fancy dinner and a little walk after only to end up limping back to your car with some fresh blisters covering your toes and heels. Most often those things end up at the back of your closet, coming out only during your bravest moments (and with lots of bandaids) for brief stints.

If a mattress doesn’t “fit”, you can’t exactly throw it into the back of your closet… Physically returning the product isn’t a fun process either, and returning it, if you ordered online, can turn into a huge nightmare. 

Introducing OTTY Sleep – the mattress shopping solution

Michal Szlas, CEO and Founder of OTTY Sleep, was in the midst of his own personal mattress search right around the same time he was starting to seek out his next business venture. So, naturally, all the speed bumps he ran into in the process of finding the perfect mattress led him to realize that he could make this process so much better. Which is exactly how OTTY came to be. Michal began his company with the goal of revolutionizing the way people shop for mattresses, and while not the first to the market, OTTY offers the most competitive price point for a leading boxed hybrid mattress. Thank you, Michal!

After a number of tests, the company was able to create the best mattress for a perfect night’s sleep. The OTTY mattress has encapsulated pocket springs for support, luxurious reflex foam and a temperature-regulating memory foam layer for comfort, supported and strengthened sides with an increased airflow border, as well as a removable AND washable cover to remove all the gross stuff. I don’t know about you, but this sounds pretty good to me! 

They are so confident in their product that they offer a 100-night-sleep trial guaranteed. If you don’t love it, they will pick it up (yes…they will come to your door) and give you a full refund. How is that for risk-free? Plus, they throw in a 10-year guarantee, 0% financing option, and premium delivery service. It also won the title of the Which? Best Buy 2018 and Expert Reviews’ Product of the Year in 2019! When we asked Michal where the name came from, he explained that OTTY is a lake in Canada which he visited and found tranquil. So Michal named his company OTTY with the idea that getting a peaceful night’s sleep emulates this feeling of calm. It seems his customers agree that he has been able to capture this feeling very well!

If I can shop for my mattress from the comfort of my home, and know that I can always have it returned and be fully refunded within 100 nights, I think that I would be far less hesitant to give it a try and invest in a good night’s sleep before my back starts protesting.

And there is no stopping at just mattresses for the OTTY team (…but at least you know they are getting well rested!). Their goal is to become a “sleep” brand, not just a mattress brand. They are working on releasing a wider range of products, pillow cases, duvets, bed sheets, and more. It will be a name to remember when it’s time to start looking for your new sleep solution, that’s for sure.  

Investing in your Mattress

OTTY understood that mattresses are not just some everyday purchase. This household item is a true investment piece. When starting the company, Michal understood that a restful night’s sleep and good eating habits are the two best ways to keep you energized and moving steadily toward your goals. Having said that, he made a point to make sure OTTY mattresses were optimized to a perfect night’s sleep with an attainable price point.

 Michal priced the OTTY mattress competitively, but just to make it even easier for his customers to get their mattresses now, he partnered with Splitit to provide them with a 0% payment option with no credit check. “Splitit is not like traditional financing at all. It allows the company to offer easy payments for customers without the risks of credit check failiures, and helps us offer an easy and simplistic checkout process” says Michal.

Customers have appreciated having this as an option and are happy with the no credit check and the usability of this payment method. All they need is their credit card and that’s it. They don’t have to spend time filling out an application. Customers fill in their information like normal and then select Splitit and how many months they wish to spread out their payments (3-12 months). It’s fast and easy.  

All I can say is I’m glad Michal was ready to start something new when he was mattress shopping. It has led to a quality product that I look forward to trying! 

You should try it too. Check out their best seller, the hybrid original mattress!

Sleep tight! 

P.S. if you find a product you like, you can use our ‘PremiumDelivery’ code, which gives you the extra delivery service for free! Simply choose the mattress and accessories you want and then during checkout, type in ‘PremiumDelivery’ in the promo code box.

Kathryn Hayat (Content Contributor), November 10, 2019 Share this article

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