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Smart Back to School Shopping with Buy Now Pay Later Stores

Get everything you need to help your favorite students look, feel, and perform at their best with small, budget-friendly installment payments.

In just a blink, summer will give way to fall and students will be gearing up to go back to school, resume homeschooling, or prepare for distance learning. Whatever it looks like in your household, there are lots of items to help students get started on the right foot.

In this post, I’ll share a mix of stores that can address the multiple needs of any well-rounded student—with a few “wants” thrown in for good measure—from elementary school to college. Before browsing the stores, I’ll address how Splitit’s buy now, pay later (BNPL) solution is on your side in this upcoming school year.

How BNPL Helps You Win This School Year

One of the best perks of shopping at a buy now, pay later store is being able to get what you need right away without having to pay in full, on the spot. The ability to break up a large purchase into smaller payments is not only budget-conscious, but also a smart, low-stress way to shop.

When you select an alternative payment like Splitit at checkout, you don’t have to worry about finance charges, late fees, or creditworthiness. If you have an existing Visa or Mastercard with enough available credit to make the purchase, you’re all set. 

If that new back to school wardrobe costs $400, you need at least $400 of available credit on your card. You’ll choose your monthly installment payment term, and every month your card will be charged the agreed upon amount until the balance is paid in full.

Simple. Now, let’s shop!

8 Buy Now Pay Later Stores Perfect for Fulfilling Back to School Wish Lists

Are your children telling you what they want this year? Perhaps you are the student preparing for returning to school in the fall. Whatever your situation, check out these stores and you might just find everything they (or you) are wishing for.

1. Purple

Well-rested students perform better. If you’ve noticed some tossing and turning, consider a new mattress from Purple. The sleep brand was awarded top honors in 2019 for customer satisfaction with bed in a box mattresses by consumer watchdog, J.D. Power. 

Purple offers a 10-year warranty on its mattresses that feature trademarked Purple Grid technology, mixing comfort, support, and temperature control for an optimal sleep experience. Besides mattresses, Purple has a selection of pillows, seat cushions, bedding, bed frames and pet beds to choose from. 

Purple mattresses are delivered in a compressed state and fully expand once the packaging is opened. Purple ships across the contiguous United States and offers a 100-night trial on mattresses.

Visit Purple

2. Canyon

If you need a new bike to ride to school or want to develop your cycling stamina, take a look at Canyon. Canyon’s founder, Roman Arnold developed a love for cycling early on and raced competitively for years. He started working with his family selling bikes from the back of a trailer and 30 years later, Canyon is a renowned manufacturer of bicycles.

Headquartered in Koblenz, Germany, Canyon is a direct-to-consumer brand offering the best possible price for a high-quality bike. The company uses Perfect Positioning System (PPS) technology to help you size your bike just right and offers a 30-day return policy if you feel it’s the wrong fit.

Canyon bikes arrive 95% assembled in a box designed to keep it safe during transport. The bikes ship throughout Germany and worldwide.

Visit Canyon

3. GlassesUSA

For a decade, GlassesUSA has provided affordable designer and house brands in an array of styles, colors and lens types. You can shop for single vision lenses, multifocal lenses, prescription sunglasses, sports eyeglasses, children’s eyeglasses, and contact lenses. Need blue screen digital protection or anti-reflective coating? GlassesUSA can help.

The GlassesUSA website is designed to give you an idea of what you’ll look like when you use the virtual try-on tool. The direct sales model offers you pricing that is up to 70% less than traditional eyeglass stores.

GlassesUSA offers free shipping in the United States, a “no-questions-asked” return policy, a 365-day warranty, and a 100% money back guarantee. GlassesUSA ships globally.

Visit GlassesUSA

4. Instasmile

Instasmile creates clip-on veneers to help you achieve your best smile in the upcoming school year. The innovative brand has options for occasional, regular, and every day wear. It’s a less expensive alternative to the dentist or orthodontist that can address issues like missing, chipped, crooked, or stained teeth instantly.

In minutes, you can find out if you are a candidate for Instasmile and get the process rolling to make an impression of your teeth and receive a custom smile solution. Instamile ships to the United Kingdom, United States,  Australia, Ireland, Canada and China.

Visit Instasmile

5. Fashionette

Whether in person or video conferencing, you can build a style all your own with Fashionette. The UK-based designer handbag shop features more than 6,000 bags and accessories such as shoes, sunglasses, scarves, and jewelry for all. 

Choose from premium labels like Prada, Gucci, and Michael Kors or designers like Closed and Axel Arigato. Fashionette ships within the UK, offers free shipping and return options, and stands by a 30-day return policy.

Visit Fashionette

6. Mobvoi

Mobvoi is an innovative manufacturer of smart watches and wireless smart earphones. Mobvoi’s TicWatch can track health goals, provide secure payments, explore locales with GPS-capability, and serve as a personal assistant.

TicPods can be used for music, phone calls, or to access a voice-activated assistant. The earphones also give you the option to cancel noise so you can focus on the sounds you prefer or block out up to 35 decibels of noise.

Mobvoi ships worldwide and can pair with iOS and Android devices.

Visit Mobvoi

7. Purism

If you’re looking for a new device to help you or your children keep up with schoolwork in the upcoming school year, consider Purism. Purism is a San Francisco-based Social Purpose Corporation focused on offering electronic devices and software that feature built-in privacy and security components to project users. 

The brand ships internationally and offers smartphones, laptops, monitors, and other computer devices and accessories such as a portable encryption device.

Visit Purism

8. ergonofis

Looking for the flexibility of sitting or standing while you work? Enter ergonofis, a brand founded with the goal of balance for office workers. You can’t stand all day at work and sitting all day isn’t ideal, either. These sit-stand desks give you the option of alternating between sitting and standing in an ergonomically-friendly setup.

Canada-based ergonofis ships its beautifully engineered desks throughout Canada, the United States, and internationally on a case by case basis.

Visit ergonofis

Ask Your Favorite Store to Partner with Splitit

What is on your back to school shopping wish list? What is your favorite in-person or online store? If you don’t see Splitit offered at checkout, ask your store to get in touch so we can work together to help you live big and shop small. We are always looking to work with new merchants to offer shoppers more buy now, pay later choices.

Robyn Evans (Content Contributor), July 5, 2020 Share this article

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