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Your Shoppers Want Options When it Comes Time for Checkout

Last updated January 2022

The results are in – here at Splitit, we recently conducted a survey to over 100 Splitit shoppers that were currently in the process of a payment plan or had recently finished a payment plan. We wanted to know why they chose Splitit, what their experience was like, and if they would return to shop with Splitit in the future. We’ve put together an infographic highlighting the major points and insights we received. A few highlights include:

  • – the # 1 reason shoppers chose Splitit was to better manage their cash flow
  • – 99% of shoppers felt the Splitit support team was responsive when a question arose
  • – 50% of shoppers chose higher ticket items because of the Splitit offering

Take a look below to better understand why shoppers are loving this ‘new’ way of shopping and why merchants can be confident that when offering Splitit, they will not only generate more business, but also know that their shopper’s needs are being met. Installment payments are here to stay and are slowly become the most desired way to pay. What is your company waiting for? 

An infographic showing the experience that shoppers have when purchasing with Splitit