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Splitit Business Payments

Imagine knowing you'll be paid for every order, on time, everytime...

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Why You Need It

All the benefits our product has to offer.

Streamline Your Cash Flow

You go from order to cash predictably with automated receipt of deposits and payments on schedule.

Avoid Late Payments and Collections

You are always paid on time. Splitit puts a hold on the entire amount of an order at the time of purchase. The card issuer assumes the risk.

Expand Your Reach

You can easily onboard new customers or distributors around the world and form trusted relationships with them.

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How It Works

Allow B2B buyers to place orders using their existing business credit.

1 Buyer places an order and chooses to pay with Splitit installments, instead of PO, COD or Financing.

Handbags split with splitIt example

2 Buyer and supplier agree on payment terms and the full amount is authorized on the card. Transaction is initiated.

Payment Details - Choose number of installments example

3 Merchandise gets manufactured then packed and shipped. Order is delivered.

Purchase approved Payment schedule table example

Over 90% of suppliers report late payments by their B2B customers. Over 50% of invoices are overdue at any given time. Over 20% of businesses report cash flow problems because of late payments.

What Are Suppliers Saying?

A Solution For Every Need​

Installment Payments

Offer shoppers up to 36 monthly installments.
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