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ReST – the Tesla of Mattresses that You Can Actually Afford!

Imagine waking up on a Monday morning after one of your classic “Sunday Fundays” with your friends. Without doing a single thing, your blinds rise, letting the light wake you naturally before your alarm clock goes off (fewer ‘startled-awake’ mornings means happier mornings!), and the smell of coffee drifts in from the kitchen. As you slowly stretch and uncurl from a deep and restful sleep, padding your way to the bathroom to shower and dress, your radio starts playing your favorite wake up tunes to set the perfect mood to chase off those Monday Morning Blues. 

Just as you head into the kitchen to pour yourself that first cup of steaming coffee and eat your nutritious breakfast, your TV flips on with the morning report, giving you the latest news so you can impress your boss in the morning meeting. By the time you get to work, you are rested, refreshed, and informed – ready to start your day (and your week) off right. 

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it! And it has that movie-esque feel, like something only available in the future for those that can afford to live in the penthouse. 

What if I told you it can be anyone’s reality? 

Introducing ReST – the Tesla of mattresses. 

The sensor technology found in a ReST Bed has been used in combination with pumps and air chambers to prevent potentially fatal conditions like bed sores and pressure ulcers in medical applications such as hospital beds and wheelchairs. After much success, they ReST team realized that this type of technology could help so many, not just in the medical field, and started working on getting their life altering technology in front of (or rather under) as many people as possible. 

The sense and respond technology is the bread and butter of ReST. No other consumer mattress company in the world has the capability of sensing a sleeper’s pressure changes and making real time adjustments to keep that person comfortable. To differentiate themselves even further, each side of a ReST Bed has five individual air chambers (head, shoulders, lumbar, hips, legs) that allow the firmness levels in each to be unique. Users also have the ability to adjust the firmness in each manually if they choose.

ReST’s vision is to create an ideal sleep environment. ReST’s smart technology has the potential to communicate with other smart products, such as thermostats, adjustable bases, lighting, alarm clocks, blinds, TVs, coffee makers, etc. In addition, the ReST Bed will be able to capture and report unique sleep data

When they make updates to the bed, introduce new features, and add smart capabilities, it is all done through  the app. There’s no need to buy a new bed. 

Talk about a smart bed!

And it’s affordable!

As part of ReST’s mission – to bring life altering sleep technology to as many people as possible – they understand that it also has to be affordable. A ReST Bed is a premium product and is priced accordingly, but, by partnering with Splitit, they are able to offer zero interest payments for up to 36 months. Even those who can technically afford a ReST Bed, might not be able to justify paying for it at once, which makes this alternative payment option such a great solution for everyone!

Splitit is an installment payment solution company that allows consumers to use their existing credit card to split payments easily without going through a credit check or filling out an application form. There are no fees and it’s easy.

ReST Bed owners seem to love the flexibility of these installment payments, with a growing percentage of their customers choosing to pay with Splitit and the accessibility they now have to super high quality sleep tech that is truly life altering.

So what are you waiting for? You can try it yourself today with their free 90-day trial AND our installment payment option with an additional discount using the exclusive promo code SPLITIT600’ for $600 off a ReST Bed. Click here to order your very own ReST bed now. 

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