Sharks that Save You Money

What a time we live in! It is truly gratifying to see how people are finding ways to make the best out of this crisis.  There are so many companies around the world who are providing services to help people continue to get what they need while staying safe, building apps to help people stay … Continued

NOMOS Glashütte & Splitit Partnership is Off To a Successful Start

NOMOS Glashütte was founded by Roland Schwertner in 1990 in the heart of the German Ore Mountains where the art of watchmaking dates back generations. The timepieces made here are world famous and the watchmakers themselves are counted among the best of their kind. Even the name Glashütte holds significance as a protected designation of … Continued

Fitphyt Leggings are the Future

fitphyt is an awesome luxury activewear company, launched in 2018 by Marelé, after years of traveling for work. Her go-to outfit was always a pair of leggings and a cute t-shirt, but she could never find the perfect pair – they either didn’t stay up properly or they weren’t flattering. So she set out to … Continued

COMPEX and Splitit Team Up

Meet COMPEX. A Splitit Partner and a world leader in muscle stim. This innovative high tech company, started in Switzerland over 30 years ago as a research organization, and is now the company that athletes worldwide turn to for the best products in the market – to train stronger and recover faster.  But their technology … Continued

ReST – the Tesla of Mattresses that You Can Actually Afford!

Imagine waking up on a Monday morning after one of your classic “Sunday Fundays” with your friends. Without doing a single thing, your blinds rise, letting the light wake you naturally before your alarm clock goes off (fewer ‘startled-awake’ mornings means happier mornings!), and the smell of coffee drifts in from the kitchen. As you … Continued

OTTY Sleep is the Perfect Sleep

Oh mattress shopping…what a painful process you are! It’s just one of those things I typically put off for as long as possible before my back makes it an impossible chore to ignore. Then, once you do dive into this task, it’s quite a process of weeding through confusing information and figuring out how to … Continued

Gemperles Shares their Secret to Success

Rocking the Pearl Industry I’ve recently had the pleasure of being able to speak with Arnaud, the founder and Directeur of Gemperles. He is a rockstar innovator of the pearl business, finding a way to sell high quality, certified pearls (which are really hard to find, by the way) at very reasonable prices online. Arnaud, … Continued

Shave, Save, and Spread the Costs with King of Shaves!

Subscriptions are “In”. Or are they?  Companies all over the world are taking hard looks at their carbon footprint in the midst of environmental issues and climate change challenges. This means businesses are on the hunt for unique and creative solutions to help them become more environmentally friendly and sustainable.  Often, the companies that are … Continued