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“I love working with Splitit! It’s a great solution for first time buyers who might be hesitant to pay, providing flexibility and affordability. The Splitit team has always been there for me and my customers. They are easy to work with and I’ve seen them continue to improve their platform services year after year.”

About Sleepenvie

Joy Elena, the owner of Sleepenvie, grew up in the mattress business, helping her father sell mattresses in their family store. An innovator at heart, Joy started selling “mattresses in a box” in 2003, unheard of then, but today is common practice. In 2016, she decided to launch her own mattress brand, Sleepenvie, differentiating itself from her competitors by focusing on customization, core values, community, and culture.

As Joy says, Sleepenvie mattresses are not “built for all”, but are customized to meet individual needs based on lifestyle and sleep style. They even ask you to take a quiz to find the right mattress-fit. For example, the Hunter Mattress is especially designed for athletes, promoting restorative sleep and easing sore muscles through the use of cooling technology.

Sleepenvie has a great price point and is perfect for young adults who want a quality mattress and are conscientious about where they spend their money.

Sleepenvie is more than just a mattress company. Paying it forward and supporting the arts has been a big part of the way the company operates. Since the beginning, they have been supporting SKETCH, an organization creating progressive and creative opportunities for marginalized youth, by providing them with a percentage of their sales.

Contributing to the arts and the next generation of cultural leaders, has a residual impact on creating social change, promoting diversity and equality. In addition, to help during this pandemic, they are currently donating 10% of their sales to Feeding America’s Coronavirus response fund.

Offering accessibility and flexibility to customers

Sleepenvie understands that purchasing a mattress is a big ticket item for many of their customers, so there was a real need to offer an alternative payment option.

Splitit offered a unique solution that no other company could match, translating seamlessly across borders so they have one solution for both the U.S. and Canada.

Splitit does not require credit checks, which is great for young adults who may have not had the chance to build their own credit yet, and utilizes both credit and debit cards. They are able to spread their payments over 12 months, interestfree, which makes Sleepenvie mattresses more accessible and affordable to their customers. They know exactly what they are paying every month in advance, so there are no surprises. Additionally, their installment payment option is available with no minimum purchase, so it can be applied to low ticket items as well.

A story in numbers

The Sleepenvie-Splitit partnership has been a successful one. Their average order value (AOV) has increased by $500 USD, conversions have increased by 6%, and currently 25% of customers are choosing to pay with Splitit. Also, since adding Splitit as an option to pay in their reminder emails, there has been a noticeable increase in abandoned cart recovery.

Splitit referrals (direct traffic to Sleepenvie’s website) have gone up by 50% since last year and the company is noticing more repeat buyers. Their customers return to purchase accessories, adding them to their Splitit plans later on. Overall, their repeat business has increased 62% from last year.

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