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VP of Marketing, North America & Global Consumer / NEW YORK



Have strong B2B & B2C brand building experience? How about a track record of exceptional leadership using keen strategic planning skills to achieve quick results? We are looking for a VP of Marketing, North America to take charge and inspire results. You are that collaborative and inspirational visionary who can lead the marketing team into a new phase of growth within a thriving startup environment. You will be responsible for using data-driven strategies to build out and execute across digital payments platforms globally, while coaching and managing a team of passionate and curious players. Are you “the one?” Take a quick look at the essentials and your team below to find out!

(Fine Print: we don’t promise any rings or roses, but we do promise a great time in a flexible and autonomous environment)


Splitit Marketing Competencies:

  • Customer Centric
  • Visionary
  • Strategic
  • Storyteller


Marketing Operating Principles:

  • Puts the customer at the center
  • Operates like a consultant
  • Executes like a scientist
  • Enables the organization


Who You’ll Be Working With:

Authentic, Transparent, & Supportive Leader. She believes it’s a leaders role to clear obstacles and empower team members. You can expect very clear goals and then the space to figure out how to achieve them.

Customer-centric, Curious, and Passionate. Your team is made up of people who inquire as much as they advocate, lead through influence across the organization, and are passionate about the customer. They are data driven and excellent communicators, working together to push boundaries and achieve results.




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