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3D Secure Solution


3D Secure benefits cardholders and merchants by providing an additional layer of verification. This is done by adding an additional security layer for card-not-present transactions. During the checkout process, a lookup is performed to determine if the cardholder is enrolled in 3D Secure and whether they will need to authenticate the transaction. If authentication is necessary, the credit card issuing bank will display a web page (to which the shopper will be redirected from the Splitit payment form). This page will verify the cardholder’s identity, which is usually achieved by entering a password (received by SMS).
If the authentication is completed successfully or none was required, the transaction will be created.

the UI flow may look like this:


Please follow the steps below which will lead you through the workflow process:

  1. Login
    First, in order to connect to our services, you will need to authenticate yourself and get SessionID.
    More detailed information is explained here under Login section
  1. Initiate new installment plan
    When a shopper selects Splitit, you should call Initiate service with the SessionId and order details required to initiate the plan. More detailed information is explained here under Initiate section
  1. Redirect shopper to Splitit payment form
    After receiving a checkout URL from the previous API call’s response, shopper will be redirected to our payment form to complete the payment.
    For more information. please see here under section 3 (‘Payment form’)
  1. Payment Form
    After shopper completes all required information and click “Pay now” :
    • Payment form will receive a response indicating that “Card verification is requested”
    • A popup will jump over the form, saying that credit card verification is required.
    • Clicking on the “OK” button, will redirect the shopper to an external page supplied by the issuing bank.
  1. Credit card issuing bank external page
    Shopper will be required to insert a pre-subscribed password to verify his credit card.

You are done!

If the password is verified, a plan will be created successfully, and the shopper will be redirected to merchant’s success page (pre-defined in the previous Initiate service).

If not, the shopper will be redirected back to our payment form showing an error message, allowing the shopper to change his/her card or its details.

Important note: the workflow above describes a hosted solution process, which can be achieved with a minimal integration effort. For an embedded solution, a more significant integration effort may be required.

For further information regarding the Splitit embedded solution please contact us

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