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Splitit allows merchants to offer personalized installment payments for their customers anytime and anywhere, using their existing credit card, with no changes to the merchant’s risk.

The Splitit service works as an intermediate layer between the merchant’s platform and their existing payment gateway. New installment transactions are sent to Splitit (instead of being sent to the gateway) and we relay the transaction to the existing gateway.


eCommerce - SpltIt - Gateway

Our documentation is designed to help programmers integrate with Splitit’s API as fast and easy as possible, using one of our integration methods.

Splitit Checkout Workflow

In order to better understand how to integrate Splitit into the workflow, it is important to understand the transaction flow while using Splitit:



  1. The shopper inserts his personal details on your checkout page and selects Splitit as the payment method.
  2. The shopper inserts his credit card details and chooses the payment period for the installment plan.
  3. The shopper reviews the payment schedule and approves the Splitit T&C’s.
  4. Transaction complete!


Splitit can be implemented in different ways, depending on how deep you would like to go into the coding; if you are PCI compliant or not, if the UI/UX is the #1 priority in your platform and etc.


  • For your integration, please make sure you have received the API user credentials for your account and the ApiKey for your terminal/s. If you do not have those parameters, please feel free to contact our on-boarding team at
  • Please make sure to review the Introduction in our API documentation for general understanding of methodology use. Click here for more details.

Which Integration Method to Choose?

There are 4 ways of integrating Splitit’s platform:

Hosted Page

Fast and easy, the hosted solution allows you to let us deal with the transaction while using our pages. You can either redirect the shopper to our Payment Wizard or pop it up as an overlay layer on top of your page. This solution is also recommended if you are not PCI compliance.

Embedded Solution

(For PCI Compliance systems)

We have built our Web API to be very simple and fast to integrate, requiring a few days of effort, depending on the implementation.

This solution will allow you to control the shopper data insertion in your own checkout page, including the credit card number insertion and the approval page.

You might also use our pre-build approval page, hosted by Splitit. It will allow you to keep your shopper in the same UI environment and deal only with your shopper data.

Virtual POS

(For retailers or support center)

Ideal for brick & mortar retailers, our Virtual POS does not require any integration. Through your Merchant Console, you are able to create a new installment plan, insert your customers’ details, and choose how many installments they want.


We also offer several plugins, allowing you to implement Splitit in a matter of minutes.
The platforms that we support are:



Our Shopify extension allows you to add Splitit as an additional payment method in your checkout page, using our Hosted page solution so the shopper will be redirected to us to finalize the transaction. Transaction management will be done through Splitit Merchant Admin.


Our Magento extension allows you to add Splitit into your checkout process in seconds and also will allow you to add the installment price in the pages of your choice, define when to present Splitit, manage the texts display during the flow and many more options. Don’t wait, download it now!


Our WooCommerce extension allows you to add Splitit into your checkout process in seconds and also will allow you to add the installment price in the pages of your choice, define when to present Splitit, manage the text display during the flow and many more options.


Configure Splitit’s Prestashop plugin to your payment page now and start offering your customers Interest-Free Installment Payments using their existing credit card! Splitit’s PrestaShop plugin allows you to add a free installment payment solution to your checkout page within a few fast and easy steps.

Try PrestaShop1.6 Hosted Solution or if you are PCI compliant, try the Prestashop1.6 Embedded solution

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Splitit’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge allows shoppers to easily charge any purchase on their existing credit card and pay it back in  interest-free monthly installments, by choosing Splitit’s payment method. In order to get started, contact us at



With the cloud-based BigCommerce platform you can now add our Splitit plugin to enhance your shoppers experience and increase sales.

Credit Cards Supported

Splitit currently supports the following credit cards:

Excludes Countries Prohibited by Visa and MasterCard.
PrePaid Cards are not supported by Splitit.


Splitit Supported and Certified Gateways

Splitit currently operates on the following payment gateways:

AdyenGlobal One Pay
Authorize.NetHeartland Payment Systems
Bambora (Formerly BeanStream)Ingenico former Global Connect
Barclays ePDQ Essential PlusIngenico Ogone
Barclays ePDQ Extra PlusJetPay
BlueSnapMasterCard Payment Gateway Services
CardknoxMerchant e-Solutions
CardStreamMoneris CA
CashFlowsOpen Pay
CayanPay Safe
Convenient PaymentsPaylike
CredoraxPayu Russia
CybersourcePayU South Africa
ElavonSafe Charge
EVO CANADATrustcommerce
eWay RapidVantiv eCommerce
Fat ZebraVelocity
First Data Global GatewayWindcave
First Data PayeezeWorldpay
Glacier Payments 



*Note: If we do not support your gateway, please contact us at

System Status
Keep track and stay updated with our system status by following our status here.

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