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How can I set up webhooks in my Stripe account?

Log into your Stripe account (

Under Developers, select Webhooks.


Click “Add Endpoint” on the top right corner.


Add the Endpoint URL as


Add these Events:

  • source.chargeable
  • source.cancelled
  • source.failed


Click “Add Endpoint”


After saving the webhook, you will need to obtain two properties for use in your Stripe gateway at Spreedly that are available by accessing the webhook detail page in Stripe’s dashboard.

The webhook_id can be found in your browser’s address bar (URL) and is the last segment of the URL. The Stripe webhook id begins with we_, for example, we_1EYfxCAWOtgoysog3lIoCESp.


The webhook_signing_secret is located in the ‘Signing Secret’ section of the webhook detail page. Click “Click to reveal” to see the value of the Signing Secret.


Log into your Splitit dashboard, and click Credentials—->Gateway Provider Credentials.

Insert the webhook_id and webhook_signing_secret in the respective fields.


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