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How do I obtain my Adyen credentials?

Please view the Gateway instructions below:


Technical connection between your Adyen Gateway and the Splitit portal.


To communicate with the Adyen API you will need to enter the following credentials into the Splitit portal:

  • Merchant Account
  • User Name
  • Password
  • Company Name
  • Random String

To configure the plugin to accept payments (Authentication API request) access Live Backoffice.

Please follow the below instructions to set up your Splitit MID account.

Phase 1: Contact Adyen Support for configuration requirements.

Phase 2: Account (MID) Set-Up.

Phase 3: Retrieve your Adyen credentials for your Splitit account.


Phase 1:
 Adyen support and configurations.

  • Ask Adyen Support to create a separate dedicated MID for Splitit transactions.
    This step is to issue a dedicated and unique Adyen MID, and integrate it with Splitit.
  • Check that the Merchant *Recurring Role permission is enabled on the ws-user and, if not, it needs to be enabled.
    *If this is not done, subsequent installment authorizations will be declined by Adyen.
  • Ask Adyen Support to enable the following settings on the Splitit MID:
    • Enable API PCI payments role for the new web service user (this will be created in Phase 3, step 2).
      Make sure to provide the name of the new web service user to Adyen.
      You may need to provide the Splitit’s PCI certificate to Adyen to enable this option, please contact your onboarding manager at
      [email protected].
    • Enable Multiple Partial Captures – necessary for the Splitit Payment Method.
      When your account is enabled for multiple partial captures, the unclaimed amount after an initial capture is not automatically cancelled.
      We strongly recommend that you ask for a written confirmation from Adyen.

Phase 2: Account (MID) Set-Up

  1. Configure Capture Delay= Manual
    a). Go to Account → Merchant Accounts->Choose the relevant Account (MID)

    b). Go to Account→ Merchant Settings
    c). Set up Capture Delay to Manual as per the below print screen example:


  1. Setting up Webhooks

a). Go to Accounts->Webhooks

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b). Add a new webhook (+) by clicking the blue button on the top right corner of the page.

c). Select Standard notification->Click “ADD”.

d). Enter URL as:

e). Select the SSL version to TLSv 1.2

f). Set the communication method to HTTP POST  


You should then see the ‘Configure webhook settings’ page as shown below:
Graphical user interface, application

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g). Click Save Configuration at the bottom of the page.


  1.  The configuration result is:

Configure Network Transaction Reference:

  1. Go to Account> API URLs
  2. Go to “Additional data settings” and choose/enable
  3. Save configuration.

You will receive a notification: Configuration saved 

Phase 3: Retrieve your Adyen credentials for your Splitit account:

You will need the following Adyen credentials for your Splitit account.

  • Merchant Account
  • User Name
  • Password
  • Company Name
  • Random String

  1. Merchant account: Merchant Account= Account Name.
    This is the name of the new dedicated MID account created for Splitit transactions.
  2. User Name and Password:

a). Get your User Name and Password: We will create a new web service user for this purpose.

b). Go to Account>API credentials

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c). Click “Create new credentials” on the top right corner of the page
Under User Account Details->Notes, add “Splitit” as a short description of the web service user (shown in the screenshot below).


  • Copy the User Name (in the screenshot example, the User Name is ws_033419XXXXXX) and save it for future reference.
  • Under Basic Auth, copy the password and save it for future reference.
  • Save the settings.

3. Company Name: This is the name of your main Adyen account, the same Company name that is entered when logging into your Adyen account (as shown in the screenshot below).

Graphical user interface, application

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4. Random String [random]:

Go to Account>API URLs

  • For non-EU Merchants, only use Authorise URL.
  • For EU/UK merchants, use Authorise 3DS URL.

In the URL, you will find a string which is a mixture of Alphanumeric.
A string example:
 the string and save it for future reference.

NOTE: The Adyen credentials retrieved should be inserted into your Splitit account by going to Credentials->Gateway Provider Credentials.

Once you have completed these steps, contact your Onboarding Manager at [email protected].
*New merchants NOT in compliance with the above requirements CANNOT be set live by The Splitit onboarding team.


Finalize the process:


Add the credentials into your Merchant Portal under the ‘Credentials’ section.






For any additional assistance please contact your personal Onboarding Manager or the Onboarding Team at [email protected]


Contact and more information:


Adyen Platform (Adyen) Customer Support 


Splitit Customer Support 


Adyen’s technical guide

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