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How can I see my transactions?

The transaction window shows a chronological list of all transactions in your system. Information includes Date, Time, Order ID, Splitit Plan ID, Amount, Installment (i.e.1 of 6), Status, and Shopper’s name. You can also view all the plan statuses (scroll down for definitions). 


Use the search bar to find specific Plans and Orders by entering any of the examples in the search bar. 


You can filter the transaction list by Date Range and Status by clicking the purple Filters icon to the right of the search bar.


Status Definitions

In progress – Active Plan with 1 or more installments charged

Pending Approval – Email sent to the shopper to approve the plan. Expires in 5 days

Pending Shipment – Plan is only authorized. Once the goods are marked as “shipped” in a plugin or in the portal, the first charge will begin

Delayed – Plan got declined by Gateway. Splitit moves Plan to Pending CC update. 

Pending CC Update – Plan got declined by Gateway due to insufficient funds, expiration date, or other reasons. New card details to be provided by Consumer within 7 days.

Canceled – The plan was canceled by the merchant

Initializing – The plan is in process of being created – if payment is not being authorized after X time, the plan will turn into status ‘Deleted’

Deleted – Pending approval/authorization that was deleted by the system, after expiring

Cleared – Plan is paid in full; all payments are cleared


Important note: clicking into a transaction opens up a detailed view of your customer’s plan. 


This view shows you the total plan amount, outstanding plan amount, charged amount, and the plan term (# installments). You can also see past and future installments, including dates and how much will be paid on each installment.


Located on the left panel above are few important functions to note:

PLAN Print a statement, edit your customer’s plan, update or enter a new card

PAYMENTS Charge Balance lets a customer pay the remaining balance in full, mark a chargeback lets you indicate a chargeback on one or multiple charges

STATUS – Hold Plan (stop collecting payments), Cancel Plan (end installment plan without refund), Full Refund (refund all captured payments and cancels authorization), Partial Refund (refund a set amount and cancel authorization). *Whenever a refund is issued a plan is canceled as well

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