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Prestashop Setup Guide

Implementation Instructions



  1. Extract the zip and place splititpaymentform inside modules folder to enable Splitit Hosted Solution
  2. Login into your Prestashop store
  3. Go to Admin > Modules and Services
  4. Filter modules to show “installed and not installed” + “enabled and disabled” + author “splitit” as shown below


Click “Install”

After the module is installed click “Configure”


 Splitit Credentials: insert API credentials (API Key, API User, API Password) provided by the Splitit Onboarding Team during the signup process



Click ‘Check settings’ to ensure the credentials you received are correct.


Configuring the Features: Choose the number of installments you want to offer:

If you use a ‘Fixed’ installment type, then choose the installments you’d like to offer the shopper


 If you choose the ‘Depending on cart total’, then set ranges accordingly


 Visa and Mastercard are the default payment methods and the only ones accepted by Splitit.


Configure a first installment amount

If you want all installments to be equal, then choose:



If you want the first installment to be different from the rest of the installments, choose:


Insert the percentage out of the whole amount for the first installment (for example, $1000 transaction, with 5 installments, and 1st installment is 33% out of $1000. So, 1st installment is $330, and the remaining 4 installments are divided equally ($667/4=$166.75).

Configure Splitit payment method description and payment method title


It should look like this on the website:


Configure 3D secure verification


Configure Prestahop checkout page before redirecting to Splitit:



For this example, it will look like the following 


Configure Splitit examples on various pages:


Enable the whole section by choosing “Yes”

Choose all four pages to display the installment price on them.

Choose the number of installments to display

Choose the text you’d like to be shown

For this example, it will look like the following:


Click ‘Save’ at the bottom right of the screen


Refund Management Screen

Refunds & Cancelations

Go to, “Orders” > “Orders” > select an order

Types Supported:

Partial Refund:

Click the “Partial Refund” button


 Insert amount to refund + the product which you’d like to refund


Click the “Partial Refund” button as described:




Total order refund

Choose “Refunded” status

Click the button “update status”


Cancel order

Choose “Canceled” status

Click the button “update status”


Best Practices for Integration  

To get started with the integration certification we recommend you:

  1. Check the order has been correctly created 
  2. Check the transaction flow
  3. Check the order has been correctly registered at the processor gateway, merchant database, and Splitit portal 

Please note!

When working in the sandbox environment you should use the below test cards:

Visa: 4111 1111 1111 1111

Any other card will result in “Unrecognized card” error

Once connected, please test and verify that your Splitit plugin is operating properly.

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