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What is Splitit’s complaint policy?

We want you to be happy using Splitit. However, occasionally things can go wrong. Below is our complaint policy, please read it and ‘How Splitit Works’ before raising your complaint.

  • A complaint can be raised via live chat or email. You can contact us here. All of our team are fully trained to handle complaints through to a final response
  • Splitit cannot help with complaints regarding an order, delivery or refunds. These must be directed to the retailer as your purchase contract is with them not us
  • Your complaint will be assigned to one of our team who will will investigate it. This may include; reviewing your plan history and any previous contacts with us, speaking to the retailer you made your purchase from or escalating the issue internally to another team eg. technical support
  • Your advisor will be your main point of contact until your complaint is concluded. They will listen to your concerns politely, with respect and will treat you fairly. They will remain on hand to answer any additional questions or queries you may have
  • If we are not able to provide an answer immediately, your advisor will keep you updated on the progress of their investigation and may contact you for additional information to help their investigations 
  • Once your advisor has completed their investigation, they will email you with their findings/outcome and where applicable, offer you a resolution 
  • If your complaint is about a Splitit process that forms part of the terms and conditions you accepted when you signed up, it may not be possible to offer you a resolution. 
  • If you are unhappy with your advisor or their response, you can ask for your complaint to be escalated to their manager. The manager will review your case and within 7 days, respond back to you in writing, with their findings. Where applicable they will offer a resolution (subject to the exception outlined above)
  • If, after this review, you remain unhappy, and your complaint is not related to the above exception, you may ask for your case to be escalated to our Director of Customer Support. They will conduct a final review and respond back to you in writing, within 7 working days



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