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What happens if I fall behind with my installment plan?

If an authorization or monthly payment is declined, we will email you to let you know.  You will be given 7 days to resolve this with your card provider or by changing your payment card to a different one. During this time, we will continue to try the declined transaction.  


We are not authorized to make any changes to your plan unless the Retailer instructs us to. We are happy to look into the status of your plan if you reach out to our Support team, but again, we cannot make any changes without Retailer authorization.

After 7 days, if the transaction is still declined, we reserve the right to charge your card with the full outstanding amount using the last successful authorization. This will mean that your plan will be cleared early and you will have lost to the ability to pay in installments.

There are some variations to the above, depending on the Retailer you purchased from and the plan options they’ve made available to their customers. 

To see exactly how your plan works, log in to the shopper portal and under ‘Plan Details’ click on ‘How Splitit Works?’. This will take you to a detailed explanation of your particular plan. 

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