Transaction Flow

We have built our Hosted solution especially for merchant looking for an easy and fast integration, without taking the liability and responsibility of credit card insertion (yes, this solution will keep you out of PCI compliance scope!). And this means that as soon as the shopper have chosen to pay with Splitit on your checkout, you will be able to redirect him to our pages .

It will look like this:


Before starting the Hosted solution API implementation, make sure to read our API Documentation Introduction and continue with the following workflow:

    1. Login
      First, in order to connect to our services, you will need to authenticate yourself and get sessionID, click here for more information regarding the login service.
    2. Initiate Installment Plan
      Call Initiate service with the SessionId, order details (amount, shopper information, billing address) and exits URLs required to initiate the plan.
      The service response will return checkout URL that you will be able to use in order to open splitit payment wizard, click here for more information regarding the initiate service.
    3. Redirect to splitit checkout
      With the checkout URL you received from previous response, you will redirect shopper to splitit payment wizard in order to complete the payment.
      After wizard completes, shopper will be redirected back to the exit URL that was given as part of initiate request. the redirect URL will also include the unique installment plan number and your order reference number that will help you to finalize the order on your side.
    4. (Optional) Start installment
      In case you have decided not to capture your first installment automatically on creation but wait with the first charge to the time of shipping (can be done by setting the AutoCapture to false while initializing the plan), you will need to call the start installments service, this request will trigger the installment plan first charge. Click here for more information regarding the startinstallment service.

You are done!
The plan was created and the first installment was charged.