Transaction Flow

Our Full API Solution will allow you to fully control the transaction flow, from the shopper data insertion in your own checkout page, the credit card number insertion and also the approval page.

For the UI flow, it will look like this:

You can also tweak this integration by using our hosted approval page, which might save you some integration time. In this case, the flow will look like this:


Before starting the Hosted solution API implementation, make sure to read our API Documentation Introduction and continue with the following workflow:

  1. Login
    First, in order to connect to our services, you will need to authenticate yourself and get sessionID, click here for more information regarding the login service.
  2. Create Installment Plan
    Call create service, with the SessionId and order details (amount, shopper information, billing address, payment data) required to create the plan.
    The service response, will return approval URL that you will need to use in order to display the approval content to the shopper, click here for more information regarding the create service.
  3. Display the approval page
    2 options available:

    1. Hosted Approval Page:
      You can easily display our hosted page by using the Approval page URL you got from previous request. in order to do that, you will need to concatenate the following parameters to the URL you got before:

      Parameter Name Parameter Value Description
      Format HTML Indicate to display HTML format of the approval page
      Success Your success URL The URL splitit will be redirecting the shopper after he agrees to the plan
      Error Your error URL The URL splitit will be redirecting the shopper if an error occurs
      Cancel Your cancel URL The URL splitit will be redirecting the shopper if he decides to close the approval page

      [##ApprovalURL##]?Format=HTML&Success=http://www.yoursuccessurl.com&Cancel= http://www.yourcancelurl.com&Error= http://www.yourerrorurl.com

    2. Display your custom approval page:
      If you’d like to get you own approval page design you can get the approval page data by using the Approval Url you got from the previous request and concatenate Format=Json to the URL.
      It also means that when the shopper accept the plan and terms & conditions, you will need to send us the Approve request to let us know that approval page has been shown to the shopper and formally approved. (see next step)

    The approval page should include plan basic information, important notes and complete payment schedule.
    Please find an example for this page at the bottom of this page.

  4. (Optional) Approve
    Notice: If you use the hosted approval page this part is not required.
    Indicate the server that the shopper has approved splitit terms and conditions.
    Click here for more information regarding the approve service.
  5. (Optional) Start installment
    In case you have decided not to capture your first installment automatically on creation but wait with the first charge to the time of shipping (can be done by setting the AutoCapture to false while initializing the plan), you will need to call the start installments service, this request will trigger the installment plan first charge. Click here for more information regarding the startinstallment service.

You are done!
The plan was created and the first installment was charged.