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Transaction Flow

Our Full API Solution will allow you to fully control the transaction flow beginning with the shopper data insertion in your own checkout page, following with credit card number insertion window, and ending with the installment plan review and approval.

Depending on the merchant checkout, the UI flow may look like this:


Before starting the Full API implementation, make sure to read our  API Documentation Introduction and continue with the following workflow:

  1. Login
    First, in order to connect to our services, you will need to authenticate yourself and get SessionID.
    Click here for more information regarding the login service.
Response (Partial response displayed)


  1. Initiate new installment plan
    When a shopper selects Splitit, you should call Initiate service with the SessionId and order details (amount, shopper information, billing address) required to initiate the plan.
    The service response will return InstallmentPlanInfoURL and TermsAndConditionURL that you will be able to use in order to display shopper personal payment schedule and Terms and conditions links to those pages (see below).
    Click here for more information and available options to initiate installment plan by API

**The following is the best practice to initiate request for full API solution:

Response (Partial response displayed)

Display links to shopper

  1. Installment Plan information link (payment schedule and important notes):
    You are required to display a link to the shopper to review the payment schedule and our important notes. The URL for this link will be returned as a response from the initiate request (see previous section).
    Please Notice:
    1) In case the shopper changed the number of installments on your checkout , please send the updated number of installments as an additional parameter to the (Example: [InstallmentPlanInfoURL] &NumberOfInstallments=3)
    2) (Optional) For best user experience, avoid redirecting the shopper from your checkout to the plan information page by getting response as a json data and displaying the plan information with your preferred style on your site. You can achieve it by calling   with additional parameter format=json (example: [InstallmentPlanInfoURL]&format=json ) and then generate HTML based on this data.
  2. Terms and Conditions link :
    You are required to display a link to the shopper to Splitit’s full Terms and Conditions page with a checkbox. Shopper must check the box indicating his approval of the Terms and Conditions.
  1. Final Approval and Creation of the Installment Plan
    When shopper clicks “Pay now” (or similar button on your site), you should send Splitit the “Create” request with the Installment Plan Number (return from initiate), card details, order number on your system and number of installments (in case it was changed by shopper since the initial initiation of the plan) .
    Important Note –You must validate that the shopper checked the approval checkbox before creating the installment plan with Splitit.
    Click here for more information and available options regarding the create service
Response (Partial response displayed)

You are done!
The plan was created and the first installment was charged.

For more options and plan management activities, please refer to our API SDK

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