Making customers smile just got easier with Splitit

Splitit works perfectly for those big-ticket purchases such as Vet fees, education, and B2B services.

A more responsible way to pay

We are the only installment payment solution that allows shoppers to use their existing credit card at checkout without increasing their debt.

Regulations are changing for legacy BNPL providers, be prepared and act now.

Frictionless payments

Splitit provides the technology that empowers you to offer installment payments embedded within your existing customer journey.

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Own the end-to-end journey

Our installment payment solution puts your brand at the centre, allowing you to keep control of your customer journey and increasing your brand loyalty.

No registrations or redirects

Splitit embeds in the current purchase flow allowing any consumer with an active credit card to use the service – there’s no third-party registration or application needed.

Use existing credit

Splitit removes the high risks of legacy BNPL by using existing credit, meaning there is no underwriting and we won’t hurt your shopper’s credit rating.

Splitit unlocks $3.3T of existing available credit

Out of $4.1T credit issued on US cards, 80% is unutilized. Splitit unlocks $3.3T of existing available credit and allows shoppers to split their payments using the credit they have already earned, without paying interest.

Graphic showing how Splitit unlocks $3.3T of existing available credit
Increase transaction values

Increase transaction values

With Splitit’s card-attached installments there’s no arbitrary purchase limit, customers can maximize their purchasing potential using their existing available credit, leading to higher transaction values.

Drive more conversions

Drive more conversions

Our integrated technology delivers over 85% approval rates, versus an industry norm of 35%-40%. With no applications, underwriting or SSN required, there is no friction at the checkout.

Zero default risk

Zero default risk

Splitit operates with customers’ existing credit cards – their installment payment plan lives within the limits of their existing credit card. This means there’s no risk of defaulting on payment – should a customer miss their payments, the total order amount will be charged to their card.

Real Businesses. Real Stories.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Splitit has helped thousands of businesses around the world to offer flexible pay-over-time options to their customers, using their existing credit card, in a more responsible way.

"Splitit allows us to reach customers who would otherwise be unable to purchase and attain a sleep solution for their child." Daniel Frazer Batelle CFO View Success Story →
"Splitit was pretty much plug and play, and the dashboard is really intuitive, so we get really good data from there." Lem Tingley Chief Growing Officer (CGO) at Growing Spaces View Success Story →
"Splitit helps us remove roadblocks in our sales cycle, providing a practical solution for our clients that is easy and requires no credit checks." Daniel Azoulai Director of Strategic Initiatives at Boundless View Success Story →
"Affordability is a real concern when it comes to pet care, so we are thrilled to partner with Splitit" Mark Olcott DVM CEO of VitusVet View Success Story →
"Our clients love the flexibility of being able to pay in installments" Heidi Hillis Fortuna Admissions View Success Story →

Share a few details and we’ll get in touch

Share a few details and we’ll get in touch