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Give your team the power to create
credit card installments in seconds.

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Move customers from browsing to buying

Less Friction for Customers

Less Friction for Customers

No apps to download. No applications to fill out. Apple Pay and Google Pay makes checkout seamless.

Superpowered Salespeople

Superpowered Salespeople

Sales associates can create a plan in seconds, without needing any personal information from their shopper.

Perfect for Large Purchases

Perfect for Large Purchases

6-24 month installment plans with no fees, interest or purchase limits from Splitit makes large purchases easier to afford.*

* Splitit never charges interest or fees. Standard credit card terms and conditions apply.

When merchants add Splitit they see

21 % AOV Increase
+ 17 % Conversion Rate Increase

Transactions in seconds


Sales associate enters purchase amount

You decide which customers are best for installments.


The shopper scans a QR code

Truly contactless experience with no exchange of personal information.


Shopper enters payment details

No spending limits, nearly 90% approvals and integrates with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

(Compatible with phone orders as well)

See how easy it is to superpower your sales team...

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