Future-proof your BNPL strategy

Join the next generation of installment payments.

A more responsible way to pay

Splitit is not a lender. We provide a more responsible installment option for consumers, without adding new loans. We never charge consumer fees.

We are the only installment payment solution that allows shoppers to use their existing credit card at checkout without increasing their debt.

Regulations are changing for legacy BNPL providers, be prepared and act now.

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Splitit’s Key Differentiators

Deliver highest checkout conversion

Embedded White-label solution, 100% acceptance, no underwriting with an average approval rate of 85%

Drive incremental sales

Target prime consumers with high purchasing power, 600+ FICO, with card installments supporting higher AOV

Drive shopper-merchant loyalty

Increase repeat purchase and eliminate the threat of disintermediation with your customers

Omnichannel & Global capabilities

Leverage your existing payment rails, via a single API to drive POS and global acceptance


Zero regulatory risk, responsible consumer spending, with no fees and no impact to their credit score.

Your data is your data

We don’t harvest consumer data for our financial gain – it all stays in the merchant’s control.

Frictionless payments

Splitit provides the technology that empowers you to offer installment payments embedded within your existing customer journey.

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Own the end-to-end journey

Our installment payment solution puts your brand at the centre, allowing you to keep control of your customer journey and increasing your brand loyalty.

No registrations or redirects

Splitit embeds in the current purchase flow allowing any consumer with an active credit card to use the service – there’s no third-party registration or application needed.

Use existing credit

Splitit removes the high risks of legacy BNPL by using existing credit, meaning there is no underwriting and we won’t hurt your shopper’s credit rating.

Frequently asked questions

Applicants must go through KYC and an underwriting process in order to be approved.

After you have completed your online registration, we will contact you to ask for additional documents. We normally require:

  • CPA-compiled financial statements (Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement) or a complete U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return for the most recent fiscal year.
  • Internally prepared year-to-date financial statements (Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement).
  • Complete monthly statements/invoices from your current merchant account provider or payment gateway (must show chargebacks and refunds) for the past 3 months.
  • Full names, dates of birth, home addresses, and photo IDs for all beneficial owners with 25% or more ownership in the company.

If the plan is canceled, our system will recalculate the fees according to the number of days that the plan was funded and the amount still owed to Splitit. Splitit will then direct debit the merchant for the amount owed to Splitit.

If the card expires or is canceled, the customer has a 7 day grace period to update their information in their portal. If it isn’t resolved within the 7 days then the remaining amount owed (pre-authorization remaining) is then charged.

Splitit eliminates the credit risk for the merchant. We guarantee the full amount of the purchase so there is no risk that the merchant will not receive the payment.

All transactions are paid to the merchant within 3 business days.

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