Shopper Tips

Shopper Tips

4 Tips for Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

The time is finally here. You’ve decided you want to ask someone to marry you, so it means you have to buy the perfect engagement ring. No pressure, right? 

As exciting as getting engaged is, it opens up a whole new world of questions. Questions like knowing which ring your fiancé will want. Figuring out how you will pay for it. Wondering if you buy an engagement ring online instead of in-store.

Don’t worry, all of these thoughts are normal. And lucky for you, we have the answers. 

1. Define Your Budget

The very first step with buying an engagement ring is to define your budget. Like many other big-ticket items, rings come in all shapes, sizes, and price tags. Knowing your budget before you purchase will keep you from overspending (and regretting later).

As you’re developing your budget, don’t forget there are options where you can buy now and pay later, such as with Using an installment plan allows you to pay each month with 0% interest and without additional credit checks. Plus, you get the convenience of having the same monthly payment each month until the entire balance is paid. 

You might have heard budget experts tell you to plan on spending 3 months of your salary. But don’t let someone’s guidelines tell you how to buy. Using can make sure you get the ring your fiancé wants and stay within your monthly budget. 

Once you have your budget, then you can move on to other important considerations when buying an engagement ring. 

2. Know Where to Shop

When you buy an engagement ring, you want to purchase it from a reputable store. Start by asking your friends and family who they used. You’ll quickly figure out who has a great reputation and ones you want to stay away from.

Don’t feel you have to go to multiple stores. You can also purchase the ring online. Many online retailers offer 30-day returns and a warranty for your purchase, making this a viable option.

If you want to use Splitit for your purchase, you’ll be glad to know several retailers offer the convenience of the installment plan. Retailers such as James Allen,, and all offer the ability to pay with Splitit.

A reputable jeweler, both online and in-store,  will be able to guide you on “The 4 C’s” (cut, color, clarity, and carat) for your diamond ring – and within your budget. No matter who you choose to buy from,  always check the return policy and their accreditations (such as Jewelers of America or the GIA). 

3. Give Yourself Time

Sure, you can purchase a ring right away from any jeweler. But to ensure you’re purchasing the right one for the one you love takes time and planning. 

In addition to shopping around and doing your research, you have to allow time for custom orders, shipping, and engraving. If you choose any of these additional services, then it’s going to add to your timeline.

Also keep in mind you typically purchase the diamond separate from the setting. This can also add to your timeline.

Keep the stress on yourself to a minimum by giving yourself plenty of time when buying an engagement ring. 

4. Keep Your Partner’s Personality in Mind

Diamonds and settings in an engagement ring come in every shape and size imaginable. But of course you need to consider what your partner likes.

Knowing their style will help you narrow down from the vast array of choices. Many couples choose to ring shop together, but if you want to keep it a surprise, then you’re going to have to do a little investigative work. 

Take notice of the jewelry they already wear – is it modern or traditional? Are they drawn to contemporary or vintage pieces? You can also ask their friends or family for their opinion (make them promise not to spill your secret!) on what your partner will like. 

Buying an engagement ring is one of the most exciting purchases of your adult life. But as exciting as it is, it comes with a ton of decisions. You can take the stress out of the purchase by using these 4 tips as you’re shopping. And when you choose to add a service like, you’ll be able to focus on picking the perfect engagement ring.

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