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Buy Now Pay Later Bike Brands You Can Buy Online Today

From electric bikes to mountain bikes, these stores have everything you need to get rolling (and in shape).

It’s being called the Quarantine 15—extra pounds brought on by the sudden sweep of coronavirus. A recent article in Yale Medicine discussed the probable impact of weight gain during the pandemic, but much of the data is anecdotal at this point. Yet, if you mix stress with staying at home and snacking, it’s a perfect storm for putting on a few extra pounds.

As we come to terms with a global pandemic, people are adapting and finding new ways to live and move. At the top of the list? Biking. Not only are people looking for bikes to get back in shape, but they became a must-have item as public transportation woes increased, resulting in a bike shortage.

If you’re looking for a bike locally, it may still be a challenge to find what you want. Thankfully, there are many options for high-quality bikes online. Not only can you get just the right bike delivered to your door, but you can buy now and pay later.

Top Buy Now Pay Later Bikes Online

What are you looking for? BMX bikes, road bikes, or mountain bikes? Whether a seasoned biker or a newbie, make time to visit these ecommerce stores in this post for a staggering selection of buy now, pay later bikes online.


New Bike Day can come to your home soon when you shop with Canyon. The Koblenz, Germany bike maker offers a direct-to consumer model for the best possible pricing and a 6-year guarantee. 

Worried about getting a bike that fits? Try the Perfect Positioning System tool before you buy.  

Shop in-stock bikes online and choose from a collection of road bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, ebikes, and hybrid bikes. 

Canyon ships its buy now, pay later bikes globally. 

Visit Canyon Now

Mate Bike

Headquartered in Copenhagen Denmark the company, founded by a brother and sister duo (Christian Adel Michael and Julie Kronstrøm Carton) makes powerful, foldable ebikes. With materials like space-grade aluminum and motors with up to 1000 watts of power, these are durable, fast bikes that are sure to make you grab your helmet and leave your car keys at home.

Mate Bike offers 30 days of free bike insurance and ships throughout the world. Splitit is currently available for UK and EU shoppers.

Visit Mate Bike Now

Rad Power Bikes

Electric bikes continue to increase in popularity and if you’ve been curious about having a motorized bike, Rad Power Bikes is worth a look. There are different bike designs to choose from based on your bike riding goals.

Need help choosing an ebike? Take a short quiz to help you pick just the right one for yourself or a friend. Rad Power Bikes, like the RadMission, are engineered to master 45 miles of terrain or more on a single charge. Nice for a commute to work or a weekend-warrior run.

Rad Power Bikes with the Splitit payment option is currently offered in Europe.  

Visit Rad Power Bikes Now

Brick Lane Bikes

Want to shop a collection of carefully-curated bike brands? Check out Brick Lane Bikes, an online marketplace for 50+ bike brands selling bikes, bike components, accessories, and apparel. If you’re into vintage bike paraphernalia, they’ve got that, too.

Brick Lane Bikes is based in London and ships worldwide.

Visit Brick Lane Bikes Now

Go Easy Online

This family-owned business in Australia offers more than 6,000 options online from quad bikes to exercise bikes and everything in between. It’s a site dedicated to indoor and outdoor recreation with a shop at home, buy now and pay later option.

Go Easy Online has been a trusted go-to shop since 1996 and ships across Australia.

Visit Go Easy Online Now

Furo Systems

Founded by two aerospace engineers, Furo Systems is an innovative provider of lightweight, compact electric bikes and scooters. They are designed for power, comfort and optimal range, and are prized for their ability to fold and fit in small places (perfect for small apartments or minimal storage space).  

Furo Systems offers free delivery all over Europe.

Visit Furo Systems Now

Bicycle Warehouse

Since 1992, Bicycle Warehouse has offered a sweet collection of bikes. The San Diego business, which originally sold mountain bikes exclusively, also offers a selection of high-quality road bikes, BMX bikes, electric bikes, path and pavement bikes, and bikes for children. Need bike parts, clothing, or gear? This is the place.

Bicycle Warehouse ships to locations within the continental United States and Canada.

Visit Bicycle Warehouse Now



Ebikes are quickly becoming a must in urban settings, allowing busy commuters options for fast travel that reduces harmful emissions. The Cowboy 3 ebike is an award-winning bicycle with features that matter: intuitive speed adjustment, puncture-resistant tires, crash detection and assistance—and that’s just the short list. Learn more by booking a test ride.

Cowboy and Splitit are available for select countries: Belgium and Netherlands. 

Visit Cowboy Now

Tell Your Favorite Bike Shop About Splitit

With an option like Splitit, you can order your bike and pay over time in monthly installments, interest-free. With a credit card (Mastercard or Visa), you can set up monthly payments that work for you instead of worrying about credit checks or application approval.

All you need is enough available credit on your credit card to make the purchase and the magic of Splitit’s buy now, pay later technology handles the rest.

Splitit will:

  • Set aside the full balance of the bike
  • Give you installment options
  • Allow you to pay off the bike in easy, monthly payments while you enjoy it at home

It’s a great way to stick to your budget while getting exactly what you want. If your favorite bike store doesn’t have a Splitit at checkout, point them in our direction. We are always looking to partner with stores across the globe.

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