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Shopper Tips

7 Tangle-Free Tips for Organized Jewelry

Tired of looking for your favorite earrings? Sick of knots in your necklaces? Taking time to organize jewelry is the answer to keeping your favorite pieces safe, accessible, and untangled.

In this post, I’ll lay out seven tips to keep your jewelry organized. I’ll also share how you can buy jewelry without derailing your budget. Lastly, I’ll cover some ways to protect your investment over time and during travel.

Let’s get started with the jewelry organization tips.

7 Helpful Jewelry Organization Tips

Depending on your collection, organizing jewelry can be time-consuming. Yet, if you invest the time once, and keep up with your jewelry organization plan, it’ll be time well spent.

I suggest making an inventory of your jewelry, first. This will help you to pinpoint what you need in terms of storage for rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and any other types of jewelry you own. You can make a hand-written list or create a spreadsheet.

While making your list, be sure to make note of any jewelry that requires special care, such as sterling silver, to avoid tarnish or damage.

Here are the tips for organizing jewelry, summarized:

  1. Purchase jewelry organizers.
  2. Create a DIY jewelry organization system.
  3. Designate a drawer as a jewelry box.
  4. Display frequently worn jewelry.
  5. Install hooks in your closet.
  6. Buy a jewelry safe.
  7. Repurpose household items to organize jewelry.

As you can see, you have a lot of flexibility in your quest to organize jewelry. Read through and decide which tips resonate with you.

1. Purchase jewelry organizers

Jewelry organizers come in all shapes and sizes. They range from an inexpensive jewelry box to custom, luxury jewelry storage towers. 

If searching online, check sites like Amazon, ULINE, Store Supply Warehouse, and Wayfair. If you prefer to touch merchandise, try the jewelry section in department stores and even big box stores like WalMart or Target for the best deals.

Jewelry organizers can either be standalone pieces, perfect for display on dressers and vanities, or tucked away into bins and drawers. 

2. Create a DIY jewelry organization system

If you like to build furniture or take on craft projects, there is no end to what you can create to organize jewelry in a unique way. 

With a hot glue gun in hand, a splash of paint, and simple, inexpensive items such as wire mesh, pegboard, or wooden dowels, you can make a one-of-a-kind jewelry organizer or organization system to keep everything in place.

Need inspiration? You can search for DIY jewelry organization ideas on sites like Pinterest, Good Housekeeping, and YouTube. You can grab raw materials from places like Home Depot, Dollar Tree, or Michael’s.

3. Designate a drawer as a jewelry box

If you have a chest of drawers, dresser, or other furniture with multiple drawers, you can clear out one or more drawers specifically for jewelry organization.

To organize jewelry in your drawers, you can purchase stackable jewelry trays. These are a smart choice because they come in different orientations to protect and store watches, rings, necklaces and other types of jewelry individually. It’s also a good option if you’d prefer to keep your jewelry out of sight.

If you want a different look when you open your jewelry drawer, you can also try small, lightweight bowls or bins or even organza bags as mini jewelry organizers to keep everything separate and easy to grab.

4. Display frequently worn jewelry

Since jewelry is often an expression of who you are, it makes sense to keep your favorite pieces in view. You can designate an area of your room entirely to your jewelry, displaying it like fine art.

Try hanging jewelry on necklace display easels, earring display T bars, and bracelet display stands on a small table. Search jewelry supply stores online for display solutions and also craft-inspired marketplaces like Etsy.

If you have a favorite fine jewelry or costume jewelry store, you can check with them to inquire about display pieces they might be willing to part with for a small fee so you can organize jewelry at home.

5. Install hooks in your closet

Adding a few hooks to your walk-in closet or clearing a space in your bedroom closet can go a long way in jewelry organization. Hanging jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets can be as easy as using a series of hooks from your local home supply store.

If you’re renting, you can still make it happen. Just choose removable solutions like Command hooks to organize jewelry. They come in different colors, decorative styles, and even metallic finishes.

6. Buy a jewelry safe

Jewelry safes and lockboxes are a great solution for fine jewelry, heirloom pieces, and treasured keepsakes. You can get jewelry safes that have built-in organization, or small ones just to protect a small number of valuables.

After all, when you buy fine jewelry from trendsetting jewelers like James Allen, you’ll want to keep them safe.

Be sure to keep the safe hidden for extra protection. Check out these tips from respected home guru, Bob Vila, on smart places to hide a safe.

7. Repurpose household items to organize jewelry

You can use things around your home right now to store jewelry or keep it organized for easy access. Here are just a few ideas to organize your jewelry:

  • Hangers: You can hang clasp, hook, or screw-style necklaces and bracelets on the bottom bar of hangers and hang them up in your closet. Leave space to avoid tangling.
  • Over the door hooks, shelves, and pocket organizers: Hanging jewelry Instead of clothing is a great way to repurpose storage options that aren’t being used. Such organization aids save space and make it easy to see each piece.
  • Deviled eggs container: If you have one sitting around, why not use it to store costume rings or small earrings?
  • Old cake display stands: You can stack them and layer them with jewelry to make a beautiful display.
  • Extra utensil trays: Instead of holding silverware, they can be used for storing watches, rings and necklaces.
  • Long-neck glass bottles: You can stack bracelets with ease around the bottle. If you want to add more stability, you can fill the bottle with sand.
  • Coffee mugs: If you have a multitude of fish hook-style earrings, just line them up around the rims of old mugs you don’t use.

I invite you to walk around your home and look for things that could work to organize jewelry. Not only is it a no-cost jewelry storage solution, it’s a good way to use what you already have.

Making Smart Jewelry Purchases

Hopefully the tips in this post gave you some ideas to organize jewelry that are easy to execute and share. And if you’re looking to add to your fine jewelry collection, consider shopping at jewelry stores that offer buy now pay later options

With a buy now pay later solution like Splitit, you can make small payments on big ticket items in a budget-friendly way. With an ample available balance on an existing Visa or Mastercard, you can upgrade an engagement ring now while paying over time, interest free.

You can learn more about the process on the Splitit shopper information hub.

If shopping online, choose ecommerce jewelry stores that insure your purchase as it ships, offer warranties, and stand by customer satisfaction policies. 

Whether shopping at a brick and mortar store or online, excellent payment options, solid reviews, and customer-centered service and policies are all keys to having a good experience.

Protecting Your Jewelry Collection

Jewelry Insurance

Organizing and storing your jewelry will help make it easy to find and protect it from getting lost or tangled, but it’s also a good idea to get an insurance policy for your most valuable pieces.

There are many companies who solely offer jewelry insurance. You can also check with your current insurance companies to see what is available. Doing so might trigger additional discounts for multiple policies.

Remember that inventory list I mentioned earlier? It’s a good idea to assign values to each piece on the list and to take pictures (hard copies and digital) of your jewelry. Also, note any serial numbers associated with your diamonds or precious gems.

Finally, keep your inventory and pictures in a safe place. In fact, having them in two secure places is a good backup plan in case one list gets destroyed.

Add Jewelry to Your Estate Plan

Do you want your jewelry to be eventually passed down to loved ones? When you are creating your estate plan, outline your wishes for your treasures. Your inventory, pictures, and any documentation about jewelry insurance will be helpful as you create your plan.

Protect Jewelry During Travel

To avoid damage, organize jewelry in a travel case or protective pouch. It should be small enough to fit in a bag, but mighty enough to protect your jewelry from being crushed. 

You can pack your jewelry organizer in your carry on bag if flying or riding the train. Place them in a bag you can store under the seat to keep them in your sight. If traveling by any other means, be sure to keep your jewelry close.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you can use a room safe to protect your jewelry. Just know that room safes are not 100% secure. Most hotels and cruise lines who offer safes have a way to unlock the safe if a guest forgets the code.

When in doubt, leave your jewelry at home in a secure space (especially if your jewelry insurance does not cover travel). 


A jewelry organizer is a quick solution for storing all types of jewelry. There are safes with built-in jewelry organizers if you need more security for your valuables. If you’re feeling inspired, you can make your own solution to organize jewelry.

To properly organize jewelry, you’ll need, at a minimum:

  • An inventory of your jewelry
  • Designated space for your jewelry
  • Elements to avoid tangling such as hooks and sectioned trays

After you take time to organize jewelry there are steps you can take to further protect your investment such as a jewelry insurance policy.

Finally, if you want to purchase high-end jewelry in low monthly installments, consider using a buy now pay later solution like Splitit. There are many fine jewelry stores that partner with Splitit, so be sure to browse the directory soon. Once there, you can filter the results to see all fashion and jewelry stores.

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