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Shopper Tips

Quality Over Quantity: Changing Your Shopping Habits During Financial Uncertainty

There are times where our finances will feel the impact and strain of stressful situations. Sometimes this impact is only a blip on our financial radar, other times it’s drastic and calls for us to implement major changes to our budget. 2020 is a year where many of us are feeling a strain on our budget. This is a time when we need to examine our shopping habits and the impact they’re having to our finances.

Let’s take a look at our shopping habits, and more specifically, our habit of spending money on quality items, even when we need to stay within budget. There’s no doubt somewhere along your shopping journey we have to choose between spending more on a higher quality item or spending less on something with unknown quality but fits within our budget. It’s possible our shopping habits are making us choose between what we really want and what we can actually afford.

Today we’ll focus on 3 shopping habits which might help improve our overall outlook and process for buying higher quality items.

Learn to Recognize Quality

One shopping habit we should begin with is knowing how and when to choose quality. Fortunately, there are steps we can take to better understand quality. In order to choose quality over quantity, you have to learn how to recognize it when you see it. 

This means you’ll need to do extra research, read reviews, maybe even talk to a friend or family member who has experienced the product. This will help you determine if the amount of money you are spending is fair, compared to the value of what you’re receiving.

An example of this is purchasing “fast fashion” as opposed to higher quality clothing items. What is fast fashion? Simply put, fast fashion means purchasing the trendy, runway looks at a much lower cost. It’s fashion that’s cheaply made so you can have the latest looks. But buying poor quality means you’re likely to have to replace the item sooner – which can cause an impact to your budget again further down the road.

If you can learn to recognize and choose quality over the cheapest option, then you’re changing your shopping habits.

Make Room for Sustainability

One shopping trend which is gaining steam is to shop for sustainable products, especially in fashion. A sustainable product can be a product made from recycled or eco-friendly materials. It could also be a product which is repurposed from something else. 

Sustainable products have had a few major fashion moments lately, with everyone from royalty to influencers helping spread the message. It seems the habit of shopping for sustainable products is here to stay. 

But it’s not just celebrities who are purchasing sustainable products. Statistics show more shoppers are moving in this direction. According to The Future of Retail report by Walker Sands, 55% of consumers are at least somewhat more likely to make a purchase from a brand or retailer committed to sustainability. The number jumps up even higher (65%) when the study looked at the younger 18-35 year olds.

Buying sustainably may mean a higher price tag. It could also mean higher quality while you’re supporting an idea which has a greater purpose.  As this shopping trend continues to evolve, it’s a good time to ask yourself if you want to incorporate this into your own shopping habits, and how this can impact your own shopping budget.

Using Alternative Payment Methods

When choosing a higher quality – and therefore a more expensive item – one habit you can change is how you actually purchase the item. In the past, you may have reached for your credit card to make a large purchase which was going to bust your budget. But now in 2020, you have another alternative besides cash or credit cards.

You can use an installment payment plan, such as, to help break up the payments over time. This way you can get the quality item you want (like a well-made handbag or sporting equipment) at a more affordable monthly rate. And with no application fees or credit checks, using an installment plan like is one of the easiest shopping habits you can learn.

Installment plans help you manage your monthly budgeting expenses since you’ll know exactly how much is due on the exact date. You can plan this out for the length of time you choose (usually 3, 6, or 12 months) while getting the higher quality item you want right away. 

Consumer habits are having to adjust quickly in 2020. Habits such as choosing quality over quantity, incorporating sustainable products into your life, and using installment plans like , can make a big difference everyday in how we shop and how we budget.

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