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Reinvent Your Life in 2022

Becoming the person of your dreams starts with a plan. With a clear direction and responsible shopping, you can enlist a dream-team list of products and services to help you transform your body, mind, and spirit.

You already handle your finances like a pro, so make your existing credit work for you. By using Splitit to purchase top-tier offerings from brands you trust, you have the power to tell your money where to go each month without creating a new loan.

In this post, we’ll share how Splitit is the smart, sensible choice for virtual shopping. It’s a buy now, pay later solution like no other and you can use it at every e-commerce store we’ve featured in this post.

Ready to reinvent yourself in 2022? It’s time to put the plan in motion. Keep reading to find out how.

How Splitit Keeps You In Control

Just as you have the power to change your life, you have control over how to pay for your purchases when you choose Splitit at checkout.

For starters, you can use your own credit card. And, if you have a favorite Visa or Mastercard with rewards, you can still rack up points while paying over time.

Plus, you get to choose the number of installment payments you prefer instead of being limited to one-size-fits-all options some BNPL providers offer.

In short, you gain a level of control that other pay-over-time providers can’t offer. Splitit is an enhancement to what you already have, like and trust. And as you pay on your large purchases over time, you’ll see those points add up and you can start planning how you’ll use them.

With Splitit, you can:

  • Choose your monthly payment terms — You can select the length of the agreement so that your monthly payment fits your lifestyle and budget.
  • Pay over time without penalties — This is an interest-free, fee-free payment solution. The only fees you’ll pay are the ones your credit card issuer has established as part of your agreement, but Splitit will not charge you one dime for use of the pay-over-time service.
  • Bypass a hard credit inquiry — With Splitit, you won’t need to fill out an application or complete a credit check. You can use your established credit in an innovative way to get what you need.
  • Retain your credit card protection features — All purchases are still covered by your credit provider, such as fraud protection and transaction insurance. It’s an added layer of security that works with Splitit’s secure payment solution.

To get started, all you need is an existing Visa or Mastercard with enough available credit to cover the entire purchase. For example, if the item is $1,500, you will need at least $1,500 of available credit on your card.

Each month, your card will be charged a small monthly payment until your agreement is complete.

So, if you are ready to get new exercise equipment, learn a new skill, or improve your smile, choose Splitit at checkout and break your purchase into smaller monthly payments so you can change your life for the better (and stay in control like a financial expert).

7 Online Stores Helping You Reach New Heights in 2022

Splitit has partnered with the following e-commerce stores to help you feel, think, and look better this year:

  • Byte — Align your teeth at home for your perfect smile
  • Simplilearn — Online education for certification programs to advance in business
  • Fortuna Admissions — Coaching for acceptance to top-tier institutions
  • KnowledgeHut — Develop the latest digital skills to future-proof your career
  • Joovv — Light therapy to improve your overall health and appearance
  • Echelon — Next-level exercise equipment for people who want to work out at home
  • Yoga International — Stream yoga and meditation classes any time, anywhere.

And these businesses are just the tip of the iceberg. Visit the Splitit store directory for a complete list of businesses that offer monthly payments through Splitit’s payment technology.

Keep reading to learn more about the featured stores in this post.


Did you ever think the time would come when you could experience at-home dentistry? Companies like Byte offer teeth alignment products in lieu of services performed at a dentist’s or orthodontist’s office.

Byte works with a network of licensed dentists and orthodontists to create a plan for achieving your perfect smile. Just take a short quiz to find out if you are an ideal candidate.

Byte offers a risk-free experience. You’ll get a refund on the impression kit if you don’t qualify. But, if Byte is right for you, you’ll work with doctors and the Byte team to begin crafting your treatment, consisting of using a series of clear aligners that shift your teeth over time.

You can select an all day plan or align your teeth while you sleep. And, you can choose how much to pay for this service each month when you select Splitit as our payment option.

Visit Byte


Simplilearn is an online global boot camp offering multiple resources to help you advance your career. It’s an education hub for anyone looking to enhance skills in the workplace whether you run your own business or support a company with your expertise.

While anyone can register and take free online courses, there are also paid courses to help you earn certifications, Master’s programs for IT careers, and even opportunities for live virtual training for your employees.

To date, Simplilearn has helped millions of people advance in their careers, features 1,500 live classes every month, and partners with leading universities and companies like IBM, Purdue University, and Caltech.

Higher education is within reach when you use Splitit to pay for your courses over time. And, with four- and six-month courses available, the knowledge you gain might even expand your income and corporate reach this year!

Visit Simplilearn

Fortuna Admissions

Fortuna Admissions is the place to get help with successfully applying to MBA programs at top-tier business schools around the world. They provide hands-on coaching throughout the admissions process from creating your application strategy to becoming an interview superstar.

The business is staffed with business school insiders — from those who helped shape admissions policies and worked on admissions committees and made candidate selections.

This kind of guidance and support gives you a unique perspective on how to position your application for success.

If you are pursuing an MBA or transitioning from a military career and need a skilled team to help you advance in higher education, give this Splitit partner a try.

Visit Fortuna Admissions


If you want to level up in the digital space this year, KnowledgeHut has you covered. By learning new skills or bridging knowledge gaps in areas like web development, IT service management, or programming, you can reshape your entire career.

But these services aren’t only for IT or digital career climbers; they stretch far and wide into all areas of business from learning project management methodologies to exploring concepts in business intelligence (BI).

With KnowledgeHut, you can choose from courses such as CSM®, Six Sigma, Agile and Scrum, Cloud computing and much more.

With more than 40 courses offered in locations all around the globe as well as virtual training, KnowledgeHut is your secret weapon to elevate your career. Splitit makes it possible for you to start learning now while you pay over time in manageable installments.

Visit KnowledgeHut


Joovv offers light therapy products to enhance a healthy lifestyle. The in-home devices are designed to improve your body at the cellular level. Possible benefits include better sleep, healthier skin, reduced inflammation, and greater performance with efficient recovery.

Joov offers handheld light therapy devices, but also technology to impact the entire body. These compact healthy lifestyle solutions are delivered to your home. If you’re not sure which device is best you can take a short quiz to point you in the right direction.

While these products are not claiming to diagnose, cure, or prevent medical conditions, Joovv offers education and information to help you decide if it’s right for you.

If you and your medical team decide it’s a good fit, you’ll be happy to know that you can use Splitit to help you get this innovative technology in your home sooner than later.

Visit Joov


Are you ready to get moving this year? Echelon offers exercise equipment to create the quintessential home gym. You can choose from bikes, fitness mirrors, rowers, and treadmills. If you need connection while you reach your health goals, the Echelon community is active and vibrant.

You can work out with friends old and new, work on personal challenges, and even get a change of scenery with scenic rides, rowing, and runs when you connect your Echelon equipment with the Echelop app.

Maybe you prefer bodyweight exercises; Echelon can help with that too. It offers live and on-demand fitness classes in the Echelon app. Benefit from over 60 exercise instructors from all around the globe.

Live your best fit life with Echelon fitness equipment and instruction. Get everything you need, hassle-free, when you choose Splitit at checkout.

Visit Echelon

Yoga International

Looking to feel more centered and calm in 2022? Yoga International provides a wealth of resources to help you find balance. They offer hundreds of yoga and meditation classes that you can stream at your convenience, 24/7.

With new, daily content, you’ll always have a fresh experience and you can also tap into knowledge from yoga experts. Take classes on how to expand your yoga experience. Learn how to address different areas in your life that need care. Challenge yourself with in-depth fitness programs.

Splitit can help you afford the opportunity to customize your entire Yoga International experience — whether you’re just starting or practicing at an advanced level.

Visit Yoga International

What’s Your Favorite Store?

Does your favorite lifestyle store offer Splitit’s buy now, pay later solution? Visit our store directory to see all the stores offering Splitit and share with us your favorite place to shop. We are always looking to partner with more stores that want to offer affordable monthly payments on products and services to enhance your lifestyle.

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