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Shopper Tips

Summer Must-Haves with Splitit

Woohoo! Summer is upon us. Whether you are playing volleyball in the sand, dancing at music festivals, or just walking around outdoors, you are going to want to be prepared for whatever adventure summer throws at you. These must have accessories are sure to turn heads at your next get-together or sunset on the beach, and make you the life of the party.

Foldable Canoe

Few things are more peaceful than canoeing across a calm blue lake on a perfect summer day. This Onak foldable origami canoe changes the game. This full size canoe can fold up to the size of a small suitcase, weighs under 35lb, and can be transported by car, bike, or by foot. Built of strong recycled material, the Onak can withstand rough rocky edges and extreme weather conditions. Whether you are a seasoned wilderness pro or just a casual outdoor enthusiast, if you are buying a canoe this summer, this is the one to buy.

€1,700.00 or 12 interest-free monthly payments of $141.66


The right pair of stylish sunglasses screams “rockstar” and will keep your eyes safe from the scorching summer sun. These Ray-Bans are a classic summer staple that can be dressed up or down. To buy these or a different pair of premium shades at a discounted price, check out GlassesUSA. They even have an option to try them on virtually.

$163 or 3 interest-free monthly payments of $54.33

Electric Skateboard

Save gas and travel in X-treme style this summer on an electric skateboard. Boasting a battery range of 10 -18 miles and speeds of over 22 miles per hour, this ultra-light, waterproof, carbon fiber, Miles electric skateboard will take you anywhere on and off road, to and from beaches, parks and parties. Fun fact to impress your friends: the motor is actually housed in the wheels.

$769 or 12 interest-free monthly payments of $64


Nothing embodies summer, in all its sun shining glory, more than the surfboard, and no surfboards are like Joel Fitzgerald’s handmade surfboards. They are considered to be some of the fastest surfboards in the world; the perfect contrast to the slow laid back lifestyle they represent.

$480 or 4 interest free monthly payments of $120

Bluetooth Speaker

A compact, yet powerful bluetooth speaker is an essential on any summer adventure; it brings the party with you. If you really want to go all out this summer, we recommend none other than the Phantom Reactor 600. This 600 Watt speaker fits in your hand, yet boasts unmatched sound quality and will bump a bass that the rest of your block will mistake for an earthquake.

$1090 or 6 interest-free monthly payments of $181.67

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