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About Boundless

Boundless is a modern immigration company that offers a simpler and more affordable option for immigrants seeking residence in the United States. Traditional routes for filing for a green card or citizenship are either DIY, with more risks and it typically takes a lot of time, or to go through an attorney, which is expensive and the quality is not assured.

Boundless allows immigrants to easily file online, removing the complexities of the process, and provides access to an independent immigration attorney for a flat fee that is far less than any attorney would offer.

No credit checks and a fast checkout

Boundless actively searched for an alternative payment solution to help improve accessibility for their clients. Although its services are more affordable than standard attorney prices, it still means paying a lump sum up front. It was also important to not slow down the physical checkout process with any barriers. After looking at several service providers, it found Splitit, which offered the best solution for its needs.

First of all, Splitit installment plans never have added fees or interest. Choosing to pay with Splitit is simple, has fewer hurdles, fits seamlessly into the checkout process, and is quick and easy. Splitit’s patented solution runs off of a client’s existing credit card, so there is no need to fill out an application or run a credit check. Not relying on credit checks for approval is important for people who may not have had the chance to build up their credit score yet – a situation many people going through the immigration process often deal with.

For the customer, it is as simple as checking the Splitit box and choosing the number of monthly payments.

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