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+ 20 % Average order value
- 18 % Return rates

“With Splitit we can reach a larger group of customers. When they have more opportunities to buy the special treasures that appeal to them, they are more satisfied with their experience at fashionette.”
fashionette Laura Vogelsang, Head of Risk and Payment Shop Store

Splitit helped fashionette achieve over 20% higher order values in countries where Splitit was offered

About fashionette

fashionette offers designer handbags, shoes, and accessories to customers who care about fine quality, small details, great design, and a special experience. Items are carefully chosen and put together by their style experts, with over 6,000 bags and accessories from established luxury brands to young design talents and coveted premium labels.

fashionette serves a savvy shopper who cares about design, price, and convenience.

Launching Splitit In The UK

fashionette began offering Splitit Monthly Installment Payments to their customers in the U.K. in May 2019. Launching the product took less than a day thanks to Splitit’s easy integration with their e-commerce platform.

Success With Splitit

fashionette’s quick and strong success with Splitit in the U.K. makes sense. Shoppers using Splitit enjoy instant approval with no applications, credit checks. or account openings. Over 80% of transactions are approved – the same as existing credit and debit card approval rates. Splitit installments are a seamless part of the online checkout process. With no interest, late fees, or penalties to pay, Splitit makes it easy for shoppers to choose higher-priced items or add that extra special something to their order, making the right choice for their style and their budget!

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