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5 x Conversion since adding Splitit
+ 468 % Gross revenue
+ 386 % Units sold

*All numbers are for the Direct to Consumer business (DTC)

“Splitit has helped us work steadily toward our goal of bringing life changing sleep technology to as many people as possible by giving us the opportunity to offer financial accessibility and flexibility to our customers.”
ReST Lloyd Sommers, General Manager Shop Store

How Splitit Helped ReST Bring Their Smart Bed To All

About ReST

ReST smart bed, developed from 30 years of pressure mapping sensor technology in the medical industry, has rocked the otherwise homogeneous mattress industry with the very first and only truly customizable and responsive sleeping surface that changes with you and adapts to your various needs over time.

Their goal is impressive. They work hard to bring life-altering sleep to as many people as possible (even as a premium product), and they decided to partner with Splitit last year to help them reach more shoppers everywhere. They have seen an impressive growth in volume ever since, which goes to show premium prices can still be accessible.

Why Splitit?

Initially, ReST smart bed offered in-house financing to their customers for 12 months with a $1,000 deposit. The financial risk was completely on their shoulders and was applied to only around ⅓ of their purchases. ReST wanted to provide payment options to more of their customers, without taking on more risk themselves.

Partnering with Splitit removed the risk from ReST and helped allow for more exponential sales growth. They have also seen a 5X increase in conversion since offering Splitit. Offering Splitit is a win-win for everyone as the business benefits are apparent, and their customers can now pay in up to 36 monthly installments with no fees, no interest, and no deposit.

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